Olympia, Wa: Graffiti in Solidarity with Greek Anarchists

Posted on June 3, 2011


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Early Saturday morning, a group of comrades noticed a few messages of solidarity with the struggle of anarchists and other social antagonists in Greece painted at some prominent spots in Olympia. This one is close to downtown, at the foot of the bridge to the west side.

This one is up on a highly visible fence on the west side. Unfortunately, whoever wrote it made the word “Olympia” look really awkward but the intent is clear.

This one is difficult to see but it says “Olympia//Athens//Solidarity” followed by a circle-a. It’s painted on some concrete barriers on a west side overpass.

This one is by far the best and is up on the campus of the state college. We got two shots of it.

We were excited to see these slogans up on the walls of this miserable city, and thought it would warm the hearts of comrades in Greece and elsewhere to see that someone in Olympia was thinking of them and daring to act. Words can’t really express how happy we are that some social insurgents got busy last night and have given us an opportunity to express solidarity from our own perspective with the anarchist comrades on the streets and in the prisons of Greece, and specifically against the fascist beatings and murders of migrants and others on the streets of Athens in the past week. No wounds will be forgotten.

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Wolves of Solidarity (West)

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