Posted on October 15, 2011



for the imprisoned anarchists



The prison is the land of hostages. From here we want to send a greeting to our imprisoned comrades around the world and set in motion a proposal.

In the land of prisoners, the days are pushing each other slowly and indifferently, and everywhere dominates the cement and the endless boredom.

Our minds, however, often secretly escape and visit our imprisoned brothers in Chile, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, England, Russia, Denmark, and wherever there are people who are in cells, but don’t forget the desire for freedom.

Comrades, we discuss with you even though we don’t speak the same language, we look at you and even though he have never seen each other, we smile at you and even though we don’t know each other.


The enemy believes that he can break our morale by locking in our months and years in his cells. The authority hopes in a statement of repentance, in a repudiation of direct action, in a review of our anarchist values.

But it will only receive the absolute disdain and our stronger anger. All of us who took responsibility for our participation in C.C.F. for the first period, we expect the years of our convictions, from one system which we declare war to, because we do not tolerate to govern our lives.

The trial that will be set against C.C.F. we want to twist it to a trial against the system. With our reasoning and our attitude we won’t be the ones to apologize in front of the judges, but instead they will, for the crimes of the power which they are serving.

At the same time we want to highlight the fascist mechanism that was set up to chase us with the cooperation of police, judicial and journalistic services. This mechanism unleashed an unprecedented anti-anarchist campaign, aiming not only to arrest us, but to set up a climate of scattered fear where even the possession of the published texts of anarchist prisoners can lead someone to prosecution.

Up to that time, several persons were arrested, orders were issued, photos of us as wanted were published, journalistic scenarios for the interconnection of all guerrilla organizations were reported, as well as for the ’’revolutionary fund’’ and our involvement in bank robberies; ’’experts’’ analysed our psychological profile in addition to many other approaches that aimed at our moral isolation and at the marginalization of the anarchist guerrilla wars.

In this way the state wants to erase the choice of anarchist direct action off the map of values of the subversive circles. It wants to point up that the direct action is a futile decision that leads directly to jail and changes nothing. But the decision for someone to choose the direct action is the decision to take its life in its hands.

Through direct action we break the stillness of thoughts, we cancel the hesitant movements and we sabotage the discipline’s watches, creating free times and places within the hostile environment of the metropolis.

Where the cameras record our movements, the uniformed pigs of police monitor our glances, and the screens of spectacle manufacture our desires, we once again wear our hoods. Our hands grasp stones, molotov cocktails, grenades, pistols and we surge into the streets searching for freedom.

Now we are in prison, we never forget that feeling and with the first opportunity we will do quite the same again.


Thus, in the court we don’t want to be defended by the famous coterie of leftist circles, intellectuals and university professors.

What they all know about the adventure of direct action and its values?

What can they say those who sit all day at their convenient offices with their leftish culture that chatter against the system, at the same time that it nourishes them?

No, let’s keep away from us their ’’sensitivity’’ and their culpability regarding their sell off to power which wants to present us as ’’restless youngsters with social sensitivities’’.

We are not looking for pseudo-sympathy nor for a leftish support, instead are we looking for accomplices in the same crime of the struggle for anarchy and freedom.

It could not be a safer place for our quest; the prisons are a forced stop on the route of many anarchist comrades.

So comrades we address to you with a proposal-call.


In a few months the second trial of C.C.F. will take place


We know by now our sentences and not for a minute we are not willing to retreat, or to lower the head or the intensity of our voices in order to get mitigating circumstances.

So there could be no better and stronger defence than your own voice, comrades. Through your expression of solidarity and the attacks of anarchist direct action groups, we take courage when we stare at our persecutors’ eyes. It is certainly something that you also have felt as imprisoned in other countries, while paying the same price for our common passion for freedom.

More specifically what we think and propose is to publish, in view of the trial, a pamphlet containing your international communiqué of solidarity about the case of C.C.F. At the same time, because solidarity is a mutual respect for us, we would like those of you who wish to express it giving us strength and support to compliment your letters with an introductory text about the case of each of you.

In this way in the brochure we want to publish, we will include a presentation of the case of each of you, carrying your own experience in the struggle to Greece, but also to other countries where the booklet will be distributed. This creates new opportunities for the challenge of fighting the system as part of international solidarity. Together we will build an international struggle experience, which goes beyond the bounds of this particular case, since we do not perceive C.C.F. simply as a sign of an organization, but as a situation that describes and summarizes the characteristics and route of the anarchist struggle, part of which is our passing by the prison.

It’s an experience we want to share with you all imprisoned comrades in hands of the state, while being a proposal to become, we as well, accomplices in your own experience. So it is feasible to achieve within the international anarchist circles, a level of unity and coordination, which will not be elusive, but essential. The contact between imprisoned comrades at the international level converts solidarity in a revolutionary workshop which will emerge the different concepts that form a common front of anarchist activity.

Our first acquaintance can create the conditions for opening an international dialogue, both among us and comrades outside the walls of the prison, where we will discuss the various concepts and analysis of each of us, while promoting coordinated attacks against the state. Of course never this means merging and flattening our different views and opinions. Besides these differences cannot and should not be an obstacle to mutual support.

It is the attempt to pass from the sympathy that has been developed between us, through letters and mutual tributes on documents, to the international coordination and become accomplices by setting up the Black International of imprisoned anarchist and supporting, those who wish, the proposal of our Italian comrades to sustain the Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front.

The possibilities opened up through this challenge are great, since it is a process of intensification of hostilities between the rebel anarchists and the system. It is worth to imagine the strength an action gets when starting for instance from prison in Chile, crossing the border and reaches the cells of Greece. Thus may be called an international campaign of solidarity within the prisons, as had happened in the past to support comrade Gabriel Pombo Da Silva.

At the same time the creation of an autonomous network of communication between prisoners, creates appropriate conditions for the maintenance of constant information about what happens in every prison, prison conditions, forthcoming trials, sentences imposed and so prepares the planning of the counterattack by the comrades outside of prison.

For each comrade’s sentence for any disciplinary action for any prohibition of mail or visiting, any vindictive transfer, no guards, no embassies and no police need to feel safe. With the power of communication has passed into the hands of prisoners, there will always be comrades ready to respond with sabotage and fire.

The proposal we make about the publication of the brochure ’’International Solidarity Communiqué of CCF’’ we think is a first step in this direction. Certainly there are many more to come, but we must start from somewhere.


Last but not least, we salute with both thought and heart and we stand next to the comrades who are being persecuted in Chile about the bombs’ case and to comrade Tamara who is facing the prosecution of state for sending the bomb parcel.


From prisons in Greece we send a signal of fire and anarchy to Monica Caballero, Andrea Urzua, Viejo Loco, and to all comrades who are accused for the ‘’bombs’ case’’ in Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, to Thomas Meyer Falk, Marco Camenish, to Silvia, Billy, Costa, to Braulio and Arturo, Walter Bond, Villaroel and Fuentevilla, to Thomas Black and to the English antifa, to the Italian rebellious prisoners, the Russians and Belarusians, the Danes and to everyone we forgot or did not know their names but we would like to get to know them as all of us chose to go against our era having for compass, anarchy.

We dedicate to all of us the snippet below:

’’One day in jail. Two days in jail. Three days in jail. One month in prison’’


The door locks and unlocks and locks and unlocks. Three months in prison. One year in prison has passed. Who knows if the others are thinking of me as much as I think of them. Today the time is frozen. Four hundred and seventy two days in jail. Four hundred and seventy three days in jail. Four hundred seventy, I lost the account. Fuck it… even better, in prison it is no good to count. Calculations have no meaning. Prison has its own smell. A smell that fells upon you and follows you. Like I will ever succeed to get it off me. Yesterday, in prison I have finished two journals. Two fucking years had passed. I can’t fall asleep. I forgot how to laugh and I don’t have dreams. Gklangk, glangk in the middle of the night. They are here to search. I wonder, will they find the knifes? Fifty one days in jail. Satisfied my dear judges? Pigs. Seven hundred fifty two days jail, you pigs. Fifty three seven hundred, you pigs. If only I get out. If only I get out. My cell is three meters by three meters. From the window to the first floor, I see twenty centimetres of sky over the fucking wall of the prison. I am walking mechanically in the courtyard. I’ve done kilometres in a courtyard of a few meters. Boredom and boredom again. Today I threw up from the bottom of my soul. I threw up bars, walls, isolations, years of imprisonment, judicial decisions. I threw up three years of prison. I don’t want to count anymore. I close my eyes tight and I think. I think of comrades who are kept away from me to other prisons. I think of fires on the prisons’ roofs. I think all of the things that tried to make me forget. I think of laughter, a cuddle, a walk that will not finish at the end of the wall, a look that cannot be imprisoned behind the bars of fucking prison. I stop thinking. I open my arm. I stare at the file that I am holding. Now I know. I know exactly what I have to do. Let’s go once again. Even harder this time. Till the end. Long live Anarchy.

(modified extract from a text signed by J. and V.)





PS This proposal for publishing the brochure “International Solidarity Communiqué of CCF” will be sent by post to all imprisoned comrades around the world. To deal with the potential problems (censored mail) as well as the lack of information for some imprisoned comrades (ignorance of the postal address of the prison) we will also post our proposal online at anarchist websites. For anyone interested wishing to let the imprisoned comrades know.

All responses, texts and comments can be sent to:

PO Box 51076

145 10 Nea Kifissia

Athens Greece

also to this email:

The imprisoned members of C.C.F.

Argurou Panagiotis

Nikolopoulos Michalis

Nikolopoulos Giorgos

Tsakalos Gerasimos

Tsakalos Christos

Poludoros Giorgos

Damianos Bolano

Chatzimichelakis Charis

Economidou Olga

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