Text concerning the sudden transfer of Gerasimos Tsakalos from Koridallos prisons to Corinth -greece

Posted on May 26, 2011


Yesterday 20th of May a sudden transfer of Gerasimos Tsakalos, member of C.C.F., to Corinth prisons. The transfer was carried out with such hastiness that Tsakalos’ personal items are still in Malandrinou prisons. The executives of the ministry of justice continue to intensify the peculiar special regime of our detention-political isolation. After our scattering to eight different prisons (Grevena-Corfu-Komotini-Domokos-Thebes-Koridallos-Malandrino) and the “installation” of most of us into protection wings (wings intended for snitches and rapists) now is added also the transfer to Corinth.

The prisons of Corinth are mainly “official prisons” with most prisoners maintaining a wonderful relationship of collaboration with the warders. This tactic of a double prison aims at a permanent war of nerves that certainly will not remain unanswered. Already from the first moments of arrival of Gerasimos intensities were caused. The correctional employees in the search asked our comrade “to take off his boxers” during the strip-search. Of course they received his total and non-negotiable refusal.

This kind of search aims at the humiliation of each prisoner and constitutes a demonstration of power from the side of the warders.

Gerasimos with his refusal made it clear to them that their threats and their locks do not capture our dignity. The result was to lead him to isolation for two hours and then, officials and employees, obviously pondering the consequences, placed him the fifth individual in a cell, that means “staying” on the floor.

These techniques of punishment will not make us forget, neither will we forget ourselves. We remain for ever mutineers and embattled unleashing new challenges against authority.



P.S. The same moment that Comrade Theofilos Mavropoulos is hospitalized being guarded in the hospital after the clash with the cops in Pefki. We all know the special “care” that the pigs demonstrate on wounded comrades.

The least we can do is point out the need to not leave him alone. His case and his rare boldness, we will not allow it to be given away to silence.

It is the realistic regard of strength of every rebelled person that passes from disobedience to attack.


R.O. Conspiracy Cells of Fire