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To all those who perceive my captivity as a point of showing governmental terrorism, to all those who perceive my captivity as a capable point of promoting new resistances, to all those who perceive my captivity as a starting point of promotion of the insurrectional struggle.

From the 2nd of February I am a hostage in a prison of the state. Because of the fact that I was at a spot occasionally checked by the police-terrorism mechanism, armed. The police used this coincidence and put forward my detention, because I am an anarchist. My imprisonment is another attempt of deterioration of the insurrectionist social struggle, an enterprise of inactivation of one more fighting person and intimidation of those who resist the governmental – capitalistic savagery.

I defend my natural, moral and political right, the right of every person, to take care of the defence. For my historical and social conscience the law is the core of the terrorizing speech of the state, the institutional ratification of its deadly violence and ideological pretext of perpetuation of property and exploitation. However I do not give away to the terrorist mechanisms the socially not ratified possibility of using their laws against fighters and against myself, as it suits them. I do not recognize any omnipotence of the state, I do not recognize even one unassailable possibility of them to pretend and direct. As I do not recognize no even one unassailable possibility of theirs to imprison me. We have every reason for changing the contradictions of the system of sovereignty into points of conflict, into points of direct struggle. With these terms I do not tolerate my detention as if it was an irreversible wound, a product of an invulnerable attack.

All people are overfed against the culture of authority. All those who fight, inside and outside prison, with their attitude they nourish the branches of solidarity. All the imprisoned fighters are equally defensible towards the governmental repression and they deserve comrade and social solidarity that they, with their actions, have (or not) offered.

My objective from inside prison is to continue contributing to the insurrectionist struggle, the self-organization against the state and the bosses in the prospect of a social revolution. My objective is also to contribute in the creation of a political front against the prisons within the prisons and the strengthening of the bonds between anarchists and other prisoners, on the base of insurrectional struggle and solidarity to the oppressed. And of course, my objective is also my release, as well as the release of other fighters from the hostage situation.

Whoever feels the need for me to be a reference point in the expression of their solidarity, has every reason to do it. Whoever feels my captivity as one more reason of revolt, has every reason to oppose in practise the terrorism of bosses with this reason as well. Whoever perceives my captivity as one more point of the resistance to the repression and even more whoever perceives it as starting point of promotion of the insurrectionist struggle already have me next to them.

From the first minutes of my imprisonment I had communicated my opinion that the constitution of a collective that would deal exclusively with my case would be a waste of forces. I considered then and I continue, that the undertaking of initiatives referring to my captivity or to my captivity as well, has value only if some comrades think that it can be a starting point of promotion of the insurrectionist struggle. Solidarity has a clear meaning, when it roots in the practical dialectic of competition with authority. With such a thought, I support each move that tries to strengthen the insurrectionist social struggle, whether its referring to me or not. On the line of a comradely dialogue I am willing to take initiatives from where I am.

The least of the possibilities that an imprisoned anarchist has, my written word, is available to whoever feels that gives meaning to a common experience, historical or experiential, and a common prospect, immediate and historical.



Dimitris Hadjivasiliadis

1st wing of koridallos prisons 

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