Posted on May 23, 2011


Our comrade, anarchist revolutionary Theofilos Mavropoulos is hospitalized wounded in the hospital after an armed clash with the fucking pigs of the police in the Pefki area. There, together with another comrade, they chose the path of not surrendering to the attempted check from the police car. During the clash two cops were wounded but our comrade as well. Simultaneously the other comrade that was together with him managed to slip away using the police car.

For an active member of the anarchist-revolutionary movement therefore we call every anarchist-revolutionary as well as everyone that perceives themselves in the frames of the wider subversive movement to take an initiative of action, by any means they judge advisable and essential, to stand by the comrade. This moment our brother is imprisoned-wounded in a room being guarded by various types of cops. We consider of great importance that a solidarity gathering should is organized outside the hospital where our wounded comrade is, breaking thus the condition of isolation that he is in and that leaves him pray to the worms of the anti-terrorist force and the remaining services to look after him as they only know.

Because of difficulties that result from the regime in which we are and also the basic condition in which we act and move, we unfortunately cannot be next to him (meaning inside the hospital), to give strength and courage to our proud comrade in person.

Lets show the enemy that NO COMRADE IS ALONE, that every arrest of a comrade will not remain unanswered, that no comrade is disposable. Because comradeship and solidarity are not determined by wages and ranks but they constitute the base of relations which we develop and affix towards the rotten social/dominating relations.

We do not see the arrest of Theofilos under the lights of an “over-advertized” but at the same time disgusting logic of victimization that protests about the “bad” cops that shot and wounded our comrade. Besides, under the light of such a logic solidarity loses its essential meaning. The proud attitude of the comrade and his values came against resignation and giving up. He showed that conflict and war has no martyrs and but soldiers ready for everything. The he left should become a weapon in the hands of all of us.



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P.S. We also want to send to our brother our most sincere thankyou for the fights that we gave together, for all the problems we faced, for the good and the bad. Finally we send to him the most reliable promise from our side for the informal commitments we made, for the unfulfilled dreams and the exaggerations. For all and for nothing. Now brother maybe the condition you live in will change but not the unrepentant of your mind.i

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