At the 1st block of Korydallos’ prisons we mutiny, refusing to enter in the cells at noon.(greece)

Posted on July 13, 2011


On 28 and 29/6 a 48hour general strike, manifestations and an attempt to blockade the parliament are realized against the voting of a new predatory law. Hundreds of women and men prisoners in Greek democracy’s towers of exile we express our solidarity by different ways with this movement and our solidarity between us, as we are oppressed people and fighting for a world of freedom, equality and solidarity. At the 1st block of Korydallos’ prisons we mutiny, refusing to enter in the cells at noon.

Capitalism is a lasting war of the bosses against earth and human beings. A dictatorship that produces the war of everybody against everybody. Terror, poverty, false dreams, uprooting.

This period, the political and economical authority deteriorates the conditions of exploitation by the pretense of economical crisis. The language of national and international economy is the bosses’ language. We, who live tyranny’s many faces, we are enemies of the political authority. It is time to stop the profit’s machine, time to stop working for the authority’s machine. Creating initiatives of resistance and auto-organisation everywhere, acting directly against authority. Let’s become the system’s crisis.

To recapture earth, overthrowing the state’s and capital’s possession, here and now. Societies can live without bosses, native or foreign, big or little and they have all reasons to do it. Breaking by the common struggle the separations that domination imposes (like national, racial or religious). Abolishing the borders, demolishing all walls, all prisons. Breaking every police and their nationalist henchmen.




Solidarity with the revolted people in North Africa and the Middle East.

Solidarity with all of earth’s revolted human beings.

For the class counterattack.

For the social revolution.

For freedom.



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