A few words from the father of anarchist Giannis Skouloudis-(saloniki-greece)

Posted on May 6, 2011


A few words from the father of anarchist Giannis Skouloudis

“(‘Terrorism’ as an act of innocence…) Since when are 20 year old kids called terrorists? To be baptized Christian at the age of 2 and a terrorist at 22, to be praised when you read non-school books and then have them used against you as probative evidence, to be made to wear white shirts in the parade and now white bulletproof vests in the courts…”. Think about that… 

Its been 7 months since the day they arrested my son Giannis Skouloudis for the arson of vehicles of the D.E.I. (national electricity company). His claim of responsibility for this action brought as a result his imprisonment in the youth correctional prisons of Avlona as the state calls these modern hellholes of human souls.

Watching the war intensify all this time I felt the need to greet, wanting to give strength and courage to, all those who stood next to him, those who resist, fight and continue fighting inside and outside the walls against this rotten system that wants us all to be  slaves. Against the bending, ass-kissing and grabbing what you can. Against good manners, the myth of a set life and the modern way of life that as a supreme ideal sells quietness, order and safety.

From my position as a parent I am proud of my son and his attitude but also of all the other kids that fight for the freedom of thought and the individual. 

And a few words for the parents. We brought our children into this world, we raised them and the time has come for us to let them lead us into the future. Lets not try to keep them tied up in the past any more. Lets stand next to them at the barricades and let us learn from them. 

I send my solidarity to all political prisoners but also to all those outside the walls who continue to fight choosing the difficult path towards absolute freedom.

Giorgos Skouloudis

May 5th