2 years in prison for a plastic bottle of water! (greece)

Posted on May 26, 2011


2 years prison was imposed on the prisoner Spiros stratoulis by the courts of Hania, Crete because he was found guilty for throwing a plastic bottle of water to the judges in the court that gave him in the past a 10year sentence and life sentences to 2 of his co-defendants, reacting this way to the unfair content of the juridical decision. Critical evidence is that the court of appeals afterwards vindicated him and acquitted them of the action for which they were sentenced. Worth wondering is how the juridical authority safeguard its ego so intensely against a person already imprisoned for twenty years now. It is again confirmed that the movements that go against the unfairness and are characterized by their militancy meet the vengeance and governmental policy of zero tolerance that exceeds the limits of imagination that we already knew from the institutional justice.

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