Update on C.C.F. trial 2/6/ athens

Posted on June 4, 2011


Update on C.C.F. trial


The defendants in the trial for the organisation “Conspiracy Cells of Fire” might leave the court again. The reason is, the decision of the court to project in the trial dozens of photographs from their personal moments, that were found in cds and dvds that were confiscated along with their personal computers.


Snapshots from trips, carnival disguises, games, even certain… naked photographs are among the material that the Three-member appeals Court decided to show in front of all who watch the trial, despite the fact nothing of that is related with the actions of the official charges.

Their advocates submitted multiple objections, as well as an application of retraction, with a view to deter the projection of the photographs.


They said it offends their dignity, personal data and private life.

 “What aim does it have to project the personal moments, friendly or erotic relations of the defendants? You know that all these pictures do not have any value. What you wish is to humiliate them in public!” said characteristically the advocate of M.Giospas, Mr G.Agiostratitis.

He added that the photographs contain personal moments not only of them but also of their friends, which are not related with the case and which will see their private life be exposed in public view. Immediately Konstandina Karakatsani declared that she will not attend, while the remaining defendants are expected to comment at the next date, when their lawyers will attend also.


I am unable to comprehend why our personal moments concern the court. You are acting like a peeping tom”, said P.Masouras, while M.Giospas addressed the judges asking “how you would feel if we projected in public the private moments of your children? ”


The remaining present defendants made statements in the same spirit, letting it be know that they will withdraw as well, if the court insists on the projection.

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