Text for Mauricio Morales Duarte-from Giannis Skouloudis, Babis Tsilianidis, Socratis Tzifkas, Dimitris Dimtsiadis(greece)

Posted on May 25, 2011


Text for Mauricio Morales Duarte

from Giannis Skouloudis, Babis Tsilianidis, Socratis Tzifkas, Dimitris Dimtsiadis

Comrades, it was not only a moment. It did not pass and go. It was not forgotten. It left something behind. When refusals are transubstantiation into conscious choices and those in turn, into actions and the actions themselves into wild performances. Not into a fact with a beginning and an end neither into a tragic loss, but into a relay. A relay that with surplus courage will seek new revolutionary cycles, new bodies that turn disobedience into practice and are not charmed by fictitious lives, new paths that will sow the havoc and will carry out what we impatiently affix. Besides something always remains. They say that ideas are indelible. Here, and there and everywhere. Not only you, not only us, everyone. All and for always. We still have a long way in front of us.

Comrade, thousands of kilometres might interfere also a lot of seas might separate us. However in your thought we take strength and we are filled with courage because you fell for something much in common: for the destruction of this world.

Because the existing is ill and it has not been attacked by some illness that expanded inside… It got ill in its creation, besides on its own it polluted its creators with the virus of society, social evolution, imposition of totals on totals and individuals on individuals, of chain dominating relations.

This is why on your death we made our militant steps a continuity to yours, partial shots to the social creation. Until each one alone, and all together the comrades that passed and comrades that will come, shut with surplus satisfaction the eyes of their inanimate body.

This is why from another corner of the planet from some cells of Greece on such an evening with our minds on you before we sleep we embrace chaos.

The star of Mauri lights up the struggle

Giannis Skouloudis

Babis Tsilianidis

Socratis Tzifkas

Dimitris Dimtsiadis

Avlona prisons, Koridallos prisons

22nd of May 2011

Mauricio Morales Duarte 1982-2009

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from: actforfreedomnow!

Honor to the comrade Mauricio Morales.

Honor to  the comrade Mauricio Morales. 
Arm yourself and be violent, beautifully violent, until everything explodes
Because remember that whatever violent action against these promoters of inequality, is entirely justified through centuries of infinite violence that we have been been subjected to by them. .. Arm yourslef and combat the terrorism – burn, conspire, sabotage, and be violent, beautifully violent, naturally violent, willingly violent.’

– Mauri  Early this morning, our brother Mauricio Morales died. He carried an explosive which detonated in his back pack, he died on the spot. It is assumed that the disgusting institution of the Gendarmerie was the aim of his attack. He died as a fighter, without fear, without hesitation, confronting every form of power.
He decided to turn his hatred into action. He transformed his life into a constant fight against the existent. Publications, direct support to imprisoned comrades, spreading of anarchist and anti-authoritarian literature, spreading of ideas were part of the daggers he sharpened during his life. In this way he wanted to contribute in different ways to the destruction of this society based on the logic of power and exploitation.
In these moments our hearts are filled with pain, but it is important to not lower morale, to not fall down in the lethargy that the loss of a comrade can engage. We cannot forget that he died with his eyes fixed on his aim. And this fact must shake us, must help us to open our eyes.
We are at war, the strikes will be many, but that’s how it is for a fighter that doesn’t stop, doesn’t bow his head; that makes her life, among other things, into a constant surmounting of obstacles.
The harshness of death strikes us and is such a whirlpool that sometimes we can barely believe what is happening. Death or prison is not only a slogan, today for us, those words are tattooed with blood and fire.
With the terrible departure of Mauri, police, magistrates and press rub their hands together and make their first moves. Two social centres, Cueto con Andes and La Idea were raided. The violence of these operations doesn’t surprise us, the war has been unleashed without mercy, and we assume it as such.
The raided houses are in the same neighbourhood where we are. We saw the procession of repression arriving at our house. At the same time, comrades and solidarious approach the house and demonstrate in different parts of the neighbourhood, which is now militarised. We confronted them, we resisted and until now, the repressive forces didn’t want to enter our house, in spite of the predictions. They hide their game and try to lower our guard.
Comrades, we are very clear and know what will happen. We know that the coming days and months will be difficult. But we also know that the pain and the sadness of the departure of our comrade may not paralyse us. Let us insistently remember that he died in struggle, that the offensive takes different forms, where one form is not more valuable than the other. Let us move so that the beautiful flame of his anarchist heart propagates the irreducible desire to annihilate this reality.
His body is now captive in the hands of the cops and their mercenaries, but the energy of his life stays with us, with the comrades that have fought with him and fight in different ways against everything that
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