Letter from Christoforos Kortesis About the unprecedented juridicial approach of my (re) imprisonment (greece)

Posted on May 30, 2011


About the unprecedented juridicial approach of my (re) imprisonment 

Freedom the dignity as a field to hold games of power 
or alternatively… juridicial coup d’etat in the modern democracy (junta?)

One year after my cinematographic arrest and my imprisonment with the charge of particiation in the organisation Revolutionary Struggle and of each separate action of it, without extravagances and drum sounds came my release with a unanimous decision of the Council of Judges of appeals of Athens (6-04-2011). A decision that to me tends to brings my case to its real dimensions (complete lack of evidence against me), besides the initial cinematographic police-juridicial production.

From the beginning I denied all charges against me, disputing a prosecution that has as a sole base my subversive action, my comrade and friendly relations, my refusal to enter the logic of condemning any revolutionary practice, and finally the intention of the authorities to create a “dead area” around the comrades that materialise their own choice to go against the regime with the practice of urban guerrilla. 

Being “free” for just one month, I was informed accidentally that the public prosecutor of the Supreme Court asked, without even notifying me or my advocates, to reverse the decision with which I was released, beacuse it does not mention concrete evidence from my life, from which it results that… I am not dangerous or a suspect to carry out other (?) offences. The fact that they never did bother to justify the precise opposite, because, that is to say, I was imprisoned from the start, i guess thats normal… In the best way, Mr Ioannis Tendes, public prosecutor of the Supreme Court comes to confirm my perception that my invovement in  the case exceeds its penal character and comes to give it its real characteristics: the by all means (“formaly” or “irregularly”) political prosecution of an opponent of their regime. 

The Supreme Court, willingly, and after it rejected my demand to be present at the discussion, with an unprecedented in the legal chronicles move, cancelled with its decision (19-05-2011) the decision of release and asks the council to re-decide my luck. In other words, when the decisions of their own councils are not good enough for them, so much worse for the… decisions. 

In their hurry to lock me up in prison again, “they forgot” what their own laws clearly say: that the decision is irrevocable, since 12months have passed from the beginning of my temporary detainment, no council has any juristiction on the matter anymore. Simply they ask to find any “legal solution” that will send me back to prison. It is obvious that the decision of the council that released me was for them unexpected as well as annoying, threatening at the same time the structure that was set up for the prosecutions concerning the organization Revolutionary Struggle. 

And as we said… justice allowes them to be “independent” when the decisions are liked by the “superiors” (inside and ouside the borders) or atleast when they do not cause problems and shake the police plannings. And this time the message is attempted to be given on the backs of people, of which their freedom becomes a field to hold “games of power”. Let me not guess how an “above” order to re-imprison me will influence, the “unbiased” judges that will judge me soon. 

Not expecting anything better from people that as an anarchist I consider my political opponents, I remain in the battle osition that always defined my life…

Christoforos Kortesis