Letter from Nicu, one of the anarchists imprisoned in La Dozza prison of Bologna. (italy)

Posted on April 30, 2011


Letter from Nicu, one of the anarchists imprisoned in La Dozza prison of Bologna.



We have never cared about the media lynching and police repression that have been hitting the anarchists and friends of Fuoriluogo for years, not only because we know that in Bolognawhoever struggles against the injustices of this world is inflicted the same treatment (harassments, daily controls, phone tapping, searches and arrests) but also because in spite of all these obstacles we have always continued on our own way, with our initiatives and the libertarian spirit animating us.

But enough is enough.

On 6th April police carried out an incredible political and judicial frame-up built on the supposed charge of organized crime with aims of subversion of the democratic order against about thirty anarchists and not anarchists linked to Fuoriluogo, who were inflicted repressive measures of various kinds: imprisonment to 5 of them, considered as organizers and promoters of a non existent association, and 7 others forced to stay away from Bologna and not to leave their towns of residence.

It is one of the many frame-ups aimed at hitting the most diversified forms of aggregation between individuals and therefore their social struggles.

It is a vile frame-up, which is meant to deny spaces and energies to all those who express real enmity towards this world.

It is a vile frame-up, which once again shows the trend of this society to create a regime aimed at destroying all experiences of self-organization and self-management and under which one day even a workers’ strike will be considered subversive.

This political frame-up will not be sufficient to stop either us or social struggles. We will keep on saying that migrants detention centres are nazi concentration camps, prisons are instruments of exploitation, soldiers are mercenaries and armies and wars are nothing more than criminal ways of looting other countries’ resources.

Our passion is stronger than any authority. Let’s strengthen the struggle and solidarity.

For freedom.


translateby : Bar.Stefan.

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