Text of the poster calling for demos in Italy -Communiqué from Stefania and Anna, two of the comrades arrested in Bologna on April 6 2011. -Bergamo (northern Italy). ENI store attacked in solidarity to the anarchists arrested in Bologna.

Posted on April 17, 2011


Communiqué from Stefania and Anna, two of the comrades arrested in Bologna on April 6 2011.


To all delinquents who have expressed solidarity

Solidarity has come strong and abundant with letters and telegrams, which have been so numerous to make the guards go into a tailspin, and some were even sent by registered post to make sure they arrived. This really warms up our heart.

The charge for those arrested, for those subjected to restrictions and for all the comrades investigated is ‘organized crime’.

Already used against the comrades in Lecce as a more appropriate charge compared to that of ‘subversive association’ and also employed in other legal procedures as in a case in Turin, now even the Digos of Bologna have pulled it out of their hat to hit at their nightmare in town. But the Bologna Digos have added something of their own and have said ‘with aims of subversion’.

After describing Fuoriluogo as a site where numerous internal and overseas initiatives are organized and depicting the link between us as strong and intense, they list a long series of ‘illegal activities’ carried out singularly or collectively, which are nothing more than well known penal procedures under way, where some of us have already been put on trial and paid a high price and others will be in the future. They are charges of resistance, damages, private violence, non authorized demos etc etc. The usual charges that weight on those who carry out struggles that disturb power.

From all this to the charge of ‘organized crime’ the reasoning becomes obscure, the noise of the crack on the mirror can be heard. But that’s it. Once they have built their structure, even if it is groundless and absurd, it will be up to us to dismantle it. So they do and so it is. Then, once again they have talked of leaders, vice-leaders and soldiers. They always try this path because it is their way to hit and because they really cannot understand that people can have different kinds of relationships. They want ‘to demonstrate’ that there is a leader because the comrade in question [Stefania, translator’s note] is very much involved in gathering data to be exposed in leaflets and to be used for the success of initiatives. During a telephone conversation with a comrade who found it hard to be present at a demo due to money problems, this comrade identified as ‘leader’ encouraged him to be present anyway by saying to him: ‘Come on, we will find the money, someone will provide it’ – of course by making recourse to her usual way of speaking that many know.

In short, a series of well known episodes and phone tagging like that just mentioned constitute the plot of the Bologna Digos, supported by a public prosecutor with some pebbles in her shoes.

We two in the female wing are okay. We are still separate and in isolation. We receive mail but maybe not all of it.

We send you a big hug and we keep on struggling with you for a world without fences, be them material or generated by induced fear and shabbiness. Without servants or bosses with their infamy and harmfulness.

We will be together soon but, as someone said in a telegram, if it is us to reach you it will be better.  

Stefi and Anna  

Bologna, Italy – The five arrested anarchists are being held in the Dozza prison, Bologna


we receive and publish:

26 comrades under investigation of whom 5 arrested in Bologna considered promoters of an “conspiracy with subversive purposes”.
updates soon.

to write to the arrested comrades who are being held in the Dozza (Bologna)

Martino Trevisan
Robert Ferro
Nicusor Roman
Stefania Carolei
Pistolesi Anna Maria

casa circondariale
via del Gomito 2
40127 bologna


from la repubblica

Bologna, April 6 – More than three hundred men engaged in sixteen cities, from Emilia, to Puglia, to Campania, in an anti-terrorism operation which started from Bologna, which has targeted anarcho-insurrectionalist militants. Police in the regional capital of Emilia led from the early hours of the day led 60 raids against members of the insurrectionalist wing of the anarchist movement. The measures were carried out as part of an investigation coordinated by the prosecutor of Bologna, conducted by the Digos of the region and the central direction of the Prevention Police (Ucigos).
Molotovs and incendiary raids. The investigation began long ago, in 2009, and has been updated to the end of 2010, with recent events. It concerns, for example, campaigns of anarchist publications, but also episodes such as those against the centre for identification and deportation of Bologna, Unicredit (for an environmental campaign, because they finance Impregilo), against Eni (for activities in underdeveloped countries ).
Five arrests and seven cautionary measures. In the target frequentors of the Bologna circle “Fuoriluogo”, which has been put under criminal sequestration. The Digos ran 12 provisional measures ordered by the magistrate of the capital: five arrests and seven measures of obligation or prohibition to stay, for episodes of subversion, corruption, arson and other crimes. A suspect for the arson attack on the headquarters of Eni was arrested. He was jailed for an attack for terrorist purposes. He was caught by a phonetap, demonstrating that the young man had to do with the Eni raid.
According to investigators, the group had created an association interested in attacking political and social “opponents”, identified in the police force, in centres of economic power (banks and other companies), in members of opposition political parties, in symbols of opposed government politic (Centres for identification and expulsion). The weight of the precautionary measure depends on the alleged role played in the association: in prison is who is believed to be the promoter of the association, while others, who have had a lesser measure, are regarded as mere participants.
“Subversive association for criminal purposes.” The suspects are accused of belonging to a conspiracy aggravated by subversive purposes, aimed at carrying out criminal actions of a violent nature against people and property, carried out in Bologna: in recent days in the city arsonist strikes against the commercial offices of the ENI and IBM.
Operations in 16 cities. More than 300 men employed in the operation of the State Police. The measures were carried out, as well as in Bologna, also in the cities of Ferrara, Modena, Rome, Padova, Trento, Reggio Calabria, Ancona, Torino, Lecce, Napoli, Trieste, Genoa, Teramo, Forlì, Ravenna and Milan: this is because the Bologna group had contacts with other organizations through a underground magazine, “Invece”. Throughout Italy material considered of interest was seized.




A new police and judiciary raid against anarchists in Italy has hit the city of Bologna, and in particular the comrades of ‘Fuoriluogo’. The charge is ‘organized crime with aims of subversion’ and refers to both public campaigns and attacks against banks, ENI (the Italian energy multinational involved in nuclear activities and in business with the Libyan regime), structures linked to the Bologna migrants detention centre and other centres of economic and political power.
The investigation is alleged to date back to 2006. Searches have been also carried out in 16 towns all over Italy, where material especially linked to the Bologna comrades has been seized.
5 comrades of ‘Fuoriluogo’, whom the investigators consider the ‘promoters of the association’, are being held in prison whereas another 7 have been inflicted restrictions of various kinds.
It is the usual way of the Italian repressive forces: wherever there is an active presence of anarchist comrades who stand up against power and its many manifestations, spectacular judicial frame ups are set out, comrades considered as interesting targets by power are arrested and dozens of searches are carried out all over the Italian territory against those who are viewed as accomplices or simple friends of the arrested.
The comrades of ‘Fuoriluogo’, like many other anarchists in many Italian places, are among those who do not stay silent in front of the misery of this society, speak out loudly and carry out activities with anarchist means in the struggle for freedom and against exploitation. Everything our comrades do becomes therefore a target for the inquisitors: leaflets, anarchist papers, meetings, demos, the most disparate initiatives. Needless to say, there is no evidence linking the arrested anarchists to the actions they are accused of as the reason for this nth repressive wave is to be found in the mere nature of anarchist struggle, in the generosity and tenacity of our comrades and in their resolute and unshakable struggle for freedom.
Unconditional solidarity to the anarchists of ‘Fuoriluogo’. Fuck the Italian judiciary and its pigs in uniform or in plain clothes.
An accomplice of ‘Fuoriluogo’

Bologna and many other towns in Italy – 5 anarchists arrested, 60 houses of comrades raided


06/04/2001- On the searches and arrests of 6 April in Bologna [press]

we receive and impart:
Wednesday, April 6, from the early morning hours, the houses of some sixty comrades throughout Italy were raided by officers of the Digos[political police]. 27 of them are being investigated, of which 5 have been arrested on charges of criminal conspiracy.
Some of the Bolognese comrades most affected by the repression have been active in the anarchist documentation space FuoriLuogo opened in Bologna in 2006.
FuoriLuogo was raided, devastated and sealed.
Already last week the houses of 8 comrades between Bologna and Ferrara were searched, in response to some actions that had occurred some days before, including attacks aimed at structures of power, such as ENI, IBM and the Northern League.
Immediately the media, servant of the repressive apparatus, talking of terrorism, wanted to narrow down a general and widespread climate of incandescence to a very specific area, the anarchist one.
In a time of crisis and revolts that are spreading through the entire Mediterranean area the bosses and the powerful have nothing to offer and cannot do anything other than strike those who have always cried out loudly and genuinely oppose themselves to a world of wars , exploitation, hierarchy, prisons, detention centres.
We have chosen to continue to do so without being intimidated.
They will not stop us by trying to turn our desire for freedom to stereotypes made in their image and likeness, based on rigid hierarchies and organizations.

That is why we are relaunching the demonstration on Saturday, April 16 (concentration 15.00 at piazza XX settembre)
against those who exploit, repress and bomb, both beyond the shores of the Mediterranean and within our cities.
Alongside those who do not let themselves be crushed, but rebel against those who would have them slaves and exploited.


Text of the poster calling for demos in Italy

We are all Fuoriluogo

[Fuori luogo literally means ‘out of place’]

In a world over and over again at war, where mad colonels bombard rebel towns and global sheriffs shoot against everybody; in a nuclearized world with radioactive seas and poisoned lands, where an earthquake is a business for laughing hyenas and where a cancer is yet another customer for pharmaceutical lobbies; in a world obsessed by ‘security’ but in which the destiny of everyone is in the hands of doctor Strangelove and his idiotic ministers, and in which health is in the hands of pharmaceutical multinationals and traders of waste; in a world of luxury hospices for rich elderly and prison call centres for poor youths; in a world of blue years and of lead years, of jobs that are not there, and when they are there it is just shit; in a world of lives mortgaged in order to pay a rent and of bored consumers; in a world in which economic crisis is used to inflict the nth ‘emergency’ on you so that you bow your head; in a world of men and women fleeing form war and misery, in a world of refugees camps and mass deportations, of police blocks and electrified borders, of slaves for hunger and dead in the sea; in this world, the world of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl, Fukushima, the world of Auschwitz, Mauthausen, Gaza, Ceuta and Melilla, Porto Palo, Lampedusa, the world of Gradisca, Pontegaleria, via Corelli, Via Mattei, Ventimiglia…

In THIS WORLD we are ALL fuori luogo because in this world life is banned, forced in places and corners of history that we want to reduce to rubbles once and for all, so that we can finally breathe and create new forms of life…

Saturday 16 April: everybody in Bologna at 3pm, Piazza XX Settembre, for a demonstration in solidarity with the revolts in the Mediterranean, against war and its accomplices, to continue the struggle of those who have been arrested and to repeat loudly that ‘in this world we are all Fuoriluogo’.

Saturday April 23: everybody in Caorso at 3pm, Piazza della Rocca, for a demonstration against nuclear power and the world that produces it, so that nuclear power stops with Fukushima.

(On April 6 the anarchist circle Fuoriluogo of Bologna was raided and closed down during a police operation that interested 16 towns and concluded with 60 searches, 5 arrests and 7 judicial  restrictions. The charge is ‘organized crime’. The truth is they want to hit those who for years have been opposing war and racism with all means necessary).     

Translated from informa-azione.info

Bergamo (northern Italy). ENI store attacked in solidarity to the anarchists arrested in Bologna.

During the night of April 13 we have attacked the ENI store in Bergamo by sealing its doors and by daubing its walls with paint and exhausted oil. Solidarity to the arrested in Bologna. Terrorists are those who poison the planet. Terrorist is the State!

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