>Millbank Occupied as 50,000 Protest Education Cuts

Posted on November 10, 2010



“This is just the Beginning”

Around 50,000 students today marched against education cuts in a national DEMOLITION demonstration called by UCU and NUS.
14.15: 30 Millbank Tory HQ has been occupied. Windows smashed. Riot police being deployed, at least 2000 protestors at Millbank. 14.40: Protestors have taken roof:
“We oppose all cuts and we stand in solidarity with public sector workers, and all poor, disabled, elderly and working people. We are occupying the roof in opposition to the marketisation of education pushed through by the coalition government, and the system they are pushing through of helping the rich and attacking the poor. We call for direct action to oppose these cuts. This is only the beginning of the resistance to the destruction of our education system and public services.”
By 5pm after clashes with riot police around 800 protestors remained with many leaving after an announcent to go from the crowd. Later reports talk of police moving in to make arrests.

No Option Left But Action…

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