>Occupation of the Consulate of France in Patras Greece

Posted on November 10, 2010


>On Tuesday 9 October, in the morning, a group of 30 anarchists occupied the Consulate of France in Patras with the aim to express its solidarity with the working class in France, which has taken to the streets, occupying factories, and sabotaging production and transport. Faxes were sent out from the occupied consulate to various ministries and embassies in Greece and France. Besides, a banner was hung, slogans were sprayed on the wall, and printed material was handed out.
The french state, very much like the greek state, attempt to establish a new capitalist reform which directly affects labor and welfare and, thus, the life of millions of proletarians. As anarchists, we shall contribute in any way we can to subvert the plans of power all over the world in a self-organised and anti-hierarchical way. Solidarity with all those fighting wherever this may be!
“From Greece all the way to France
Revolution is our only chance”

“In Greece and France the enemy is one
Down with the state and capitalism!”

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