Solidarity with C.C.F. from Russia

Posted on November 15, 2011



Solidarity with CCF from Russia

A society, which you find around yourself when you became a kind of conscious individual, should damage you by a great multitude of disgusting injustice which inherent in its very structure. It appears in everything: social institutions, interpersonal mutual relations, imposed pseudo-values and even in patterns of thinking and feeling. All these yawning sores are poisoning every day of our existence. It seems, these hidden bitterness and disappointment are the main reasons why individual comes to an anarchist belief. Anarchist world-view is an attempt to abolish all the constructs, which built in a human world but hostile to a very human nature. To abolish – and to create on the ruins new society of freedom. Anarchist movement is a community of people which aim their thoughts and actions on realization of a liberation idea.

So it has turned out, in last decades anarchist movement, despite all declarations, seems to abandon its main goal. Decadence, cynicism, passivity, doom and squabbles has been enthroned in our ranks. But the fresh wind has suddenly blown. Hearts, that disobedient to the mainstream, has refused to accept the despair of modern world and of that “movement”, which was supposed to change it. And that was the moment, when there were born a mixed current, which is marked as an insurrectionary anarchism.

In Russia insurrectionary anarchist tendency for the first time has declared itself a few years ago. Understanding of the hopelessness of previous anarchist tactics in social movements, murders of our comrades by fascists with the connivance of the state and, of course, fires of December uprising in Greece – that was the coincidence of circumstances that has enlightened the path of struggle which we confidently trail today.

We want to underline that at all imperfection of tactics (as though there are perfect tactics!) and all the mistakes that unavoidable on our way, an insurrectionary current has a great meaning for modern anarchism. This sense is not in “violence” about which preach police, media and toy “revolutionaries”. This sense is in the rupture with stinking ruling order. In fighting enthusiasm of immediate revolution, when attack on the system and creating of the new are merging in the one whirlwind. No more we want to put off our struggle and life. We live and fight today. And this is the only approach which makes a chance for victory. The breath of fresh air for the great idea which seemed was ready to fade away – that is the very meaning and merit of insurrectionary anarchism.

And it is completely not casual; world powers have put anarchists from «Conspiracy of Cells of Fire» (CCF) in the same row with Islamites in lists of terrorists. Terrorism is a favorite bugbear of all bloody dollar dictators. It is most likely, that soon we will see anarchists as “public enemy number one”, because unlike religious fanatics, we have dared to challenge the root of present order – private property and social hierarchy.

Actions of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, as well as of many other comrades from Greece and worldwide, always have inspirited us and fulfilled us with feeling of unity and hope on victory. So in spite of certain ideological differences (we don’t share “nihilism” of CCF and, being insurrectionary anarcho-communists, we aspire to rise a people to rebellion) we express our solidarity with imprisoned comrades and send them our warm revolutionary greetings. Freedom for all immediately!

We will win!

Long live anarchy!

BlackBlocg Collective, Russia