Squalid transfer conditions for comrade Charis Chatzimichelakis imprisoned member of R.O. C.C.F due to health issues (Greece)

Posted on November 7, 2011


Squalid transfer conditions for comrade Charis Chatzimichelakis imprisoned member of R.O. C.C.F due to health issues (Greece)

When fear becomes revenge

Over many months (since around March 2010) Charis Chatzimichelakis, imprisoned member of R.O. C.C.F is suffering from a health problem that however much he has tried, it cannot be treated!

More precisely he has shown something that looks like (!) a subcutaneous cyst on his scalp. This is diagnosed at the dermatological department ofSigrou AthensHospital. Of course, this was diagnosed following four visits to this hospital, as during the three first visits he was treated wrongly because of the indifference showed by both dermatologists in the hospital and the corresponding doctor in Koridallos.

The indifference however for the health of prisoners does not stop within the prison walls. The doctors ofSigrouHospitaleasily accepted the instructions of the marshals to do the examination and treatment while the prisoner was tied with handcuffs. Only after his denial at his first visit to be examined under these conditions, they were forced to subside. Finally after few months of suffering in Koridallos, not even an accurate and complete diagnosis was made and his transfer in closed Trikala prison took place.

But the criminal negligence of prison employees does not end here. In Trikala prison Charis Chatzimichelakis tried once again to settle his health issue. So having managed after 2 weeks (!) to see the only doctor who is responsible for about 650 prisoners, his transfer to a local hospital was decided. A transfer that never took place; and in the guise of a insufficient escort and poor security, police (based on a document issued by the ministry of justice) concluded that the prisoner should be transported in handcuffs, although within a specific secure transfer vehicle transfers.

Of course the prisoner refused to be transferred under this unacceptable condition, not only for reasons of dignity, but also because this is extremely dangerous because with the slightest bump, the detainee is likely to crash his head.

Let the people in charge finally understand that prisoners have their dignity that they intend to preserve. And they should consider their next moves, because prisons are like a boiling cauldron and these squalid living conditions also the health care, only make things worse.

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