Update from the trial of S. Seisidis / A. Seirinidis 30/09(athens-greece)

Posted on October 5, 2011


Update from the trial of S. Seisidis / A. Seirinidis 30/09


Pictures of horror, which would fit in a hospital of Nazi’s Germany, described the conditions of  hospitalization the defense witnesses’ of Simos Seisidis, who testified today, the second day of the trial Seisidis/Seirinidis.

Dr. Joanna Paspati who was there during the hospitalization of Seisidis in KAT hospital, she was unequivocal on the forensic side of the case. The bullet’s direction was from back to front and from bottom to top. This means that Seisidis was shot from behind by a person who was covered (bent). Regarding the conditions of hospitalization, she described a hospital full of cops, where CT’s undercover cops and EKAM’s (Special Antiterrorist Unit) masked cops were in charge; they were coming and going in the room, they required to be informed and to have and an opinion about everything and as a result they were holding back the medical and nursing staff in carrying out their duties, something that incurred the patient’s condition.

All the above were also confirmed by Seisidis’s comrade and wife, Maria Kalaitzidi, who described an image of brutality which could be summarized in the words “hospitalization with responsibility of the CT.” Even the amputation took place under the malevolent gaze of one officer of this fetid service. In fact, at some time they abandoned Simos. She also referred to the deprivation of the rights which every prisoner has. It is notable that a lawyer was allowed after 3-4 days while the cops were present.

Comrade Kostas Minaidis mentioned the historical path of S. Seisidis that led him to be target by the secret services, while journalist Rosa Kovanis mentioned the terror-scenarios about the “robbers in black”, the bounty and the climate which was methodically created in order to allow any cop to shoot from behind a man who was just running to escape. In the same spirit the other witnesses referred to, including the MP Tasos Kourakis who gave his testimony as a Doctor.

The trial will continue Monday, October 10, with the defense witnesses of Aris Seirinidis.



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