Simos Seisidis and Aris Sirinidis trial update (Greece)

Posted on September 30, 2011




Within a ring of armed masked cops and dozens of undercovers

Twelve masked EKAM (special forces) aiming their automatic weapons, dressed like Ninjas, eight of them in the court room, even next to the seats of the judges, and the other four right outside the door. At least fifty undercovers, twenty camped in the room, so that they occupy half of the audience seats, and the rest in the lobby and in the corridor, with their coffees and sandwiches in their hands. Provocative towards the audience, even to the relatives of the defendants.

This was the picture in the Mixed Sworn Court of Athens, the morning of passed Wednesday, when the trial of Simos Seisidis and Aris Sirinidis. Why this mobilisation? Just in case the prisoner escapes, who has one artificial leg and walks with crutches, while his transfer from the prison was carried out with an ambulance? Funny things. Simply, a climate should be created, that here we do not have a usual trial, but a trial of dangerous “terrorists”.

A climate in the creation of which acted jointly and with pleasure the chairman and the regular members of the court, which tried the request of the defence advocates, who asked for the armed masked cops to leave the room. They rejected the request (they did not even accept to remove the hoods!) and thus the trial began with the defendants, the advocates, the court and the journalists in a ring of armed masked cops, with automatic weapons in their hands.
The main defence witnesses of Bokos and Stefos testimonies, were even contradicted by their own colleagues Karabekos, Moshos and Barianos (all police officers).

Bokos is the one that shot S.Seisidis in cold blood. He was in the area with the police car, he said, because they got a call about a robbery in a Praktiker store by two individuals that were wearing black. Seisidis and Sirinidis attracted attention because they were walking nervously! To the fact that they wore light colour clothes he replied that they changed. About Seisidis he describes him as superman: he turned and aimed with his gun, without turning his legs! He should justify, you see, the fact that the bullet has come from behind. Even though it all happened instantaneous, he immediately recognized which type of weapon he had (stronger than his, that shoots 17 bullets at the press of the trigger, as he said). And why didn’t Seisidis shoot him? Why did his “immobilisation shot” reach Simos before he shot. As soon as he saw Seisidis turning, without turning his legs, as if he had bearings in his waist, and aiming him, he -faster than a star of a spaghetti western movie- pulled out his gun, squatted down, shot and immediately ran for cover behind a parked car. And how the bullet that crippled Seisidis was directed from behind to the front and from the top to the bottom, the answer was that he does not know! When he was asked how he explains that there were no fingerprints or genetic material on any of the confiscated objects, he answered -the genius- that obviously it was made from material on which fingerprints and genetic material does not stay on!

This guy is being investigated still. He has also been transferred and from a street cop he now serves in “some service of safety in GADA (central police hq of Athens)”, which he denied to name! The passenger in Bokos police car, Stefos, was ordered to change his testimony immediately in GADA after the incident, in order for it to suit the description of the perpetrator. In GADA a while after the incident, he had testified that Bokos first was hidden behind a parked car and afterwards popped up a little and shot Seisidis. In the court room he testified that Bokos lowered, shot and afterwards ran to cover. And how does he justify the completely different description? His colleagues that took the testimonies made a mistake!

Both, however, were contradicted by Karabekos, who was part of the crew of the second police car. His description does not leave any doubt that Seisidis was shot in cold blood by Bokos, without the latter being in danger, since he was covered. As he testified characteristically, he remembers the incident in images: First image, Bokos standing behind a parked car and Seisidis with his back to Bokos. Second image the shot, which he didnt immediately realise who it came from. Third image, Seisidis fallen on his back in the street. And as for the position that heavily wounded Seisidis was found he contradicted Bokos and Stefos, who claimed he fell on his front.

Moshos is the one that arrested Sirinidis and was called to comprise the “resistance” for which the latter is accused of. His answer constitutes a monument of legal science: he did not stop at the order of the police for control (!) but ran to get away and had a gun! However, special guard Barianos, who was on shift in Keramikos square where Aris was arrested, testified that he did not cause any problem and was collaborative (in reasonable frames) to the orders of the police.

The trial will be continued Friday 30/9 morning.


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