Clashes and dozen molotov cocktails in Exarcheia last night 5/9 athens -greece

Posted on September 9, 2011


Clashes and dozen molotov cocktails  in Exarcheia last night 5/9 athens -greece

On the night of Sep. 5 and early morning Sep. 6, clashes took place in Exarcheia. A few minutes before midnight, riot Cops  units stationed in Ippokratous st. were attacked with molotov cocktails and stones.

A couple of hours later, another attack with stones and 30  molotov cocktails to the units guarding the ministry of culture in Bouboulinas st. took place.

Then Cops  attempted a counter offence which was halted with a second wave   of tables  chairs and   stones. Then cops  units attacked to everyone who happened to be in Exarcheia Sq. in the streets and the shops around, more people in Valtetsiou St. defended themselves and kept the cops back. There is a young man who was injured by the cops and has been arrested.

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