Arms Factory Attacked(uk)

Posted on May 28, 2011


Arms Factory Attacked

Pixie | 27.05.2011 16:05

A group of pixies attacked Brighton arms factory EDO MBM in the early hours of Friday 27th May.
EDO MBM make bomb release mechanisms that have been used in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Libya and beyond. Late Thursday night/Friday morning an unwanted delivery was made to their Brighton based factory.

Paint bombs were flung and projectiles fired at the building on Home Farm Rd, before the naughty pixies disappeared into the night. While less deadly than the munitions EDO help drop on civilians around the world, this is yet another reminder that this factory is not welcome here.

While damage to EDO has previously been proved to be lawful (see EDO decommissioning) Sussex Police will stop at nothing to protect murders and prosecute protesters. All actions against arms companies, both accountable and unaccountable, should be supported and encouraged.

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