Posted on August 24, 2010



Robbed Branch of the National Bank .Shootout with police and port authorities there at 8:00 am on Alonissos. manhunt  A launched  by the police.

Two men burst into a branch the National Bank, armed with automatic weapons, taking, according to preliminary information, one million euros.
The policemen who were aware of the robbery, attempted to prevent two men during their escape and capture them.
The perpetrators trying to escape on a motorbike fell and were approached by men of the Coast Guard, who fired on them without any success.
Those, however, escaped by shooting at police and a man of the Coast Guard, who took part in the effort to arrest them.
Then, with another motorbike the men went to the bay, where the third accomplice waited pilot small boat which boarded and sped off !. police conduct extensive research on the island, while mobilizing forces at the Coast Guard in the Northern Sporades, island in Greece trying to  arrest the bank robbers who escaped with inflatables.

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