>Germany – Cars in flames, bank attacked

Posted on June 20, 2010




18 June 2010 – Spandau. A Corvette and a Volkswagen Passat were set alight. Unknown persons set fire early Friday morning, to two cars in Spandau. The Corvette and the Passat were both burnt out, the police reported. The sports and the middle class cars were both parked in the district Wilhelm city, but around two miles apart. Whether it was a politically motivated act was initially unclear
16 June 2010 – Berlin. On Wednesday night in old James Street two cars of the rail company DB were burnt. A parked Opel Astra Deutsche Bahn was set on fire on early Wednesday morning in Kreuzberg been by unknown persons. An adjacent VW Caddy was damaged in old James Street, as police said.
15 June 2010 – Hamburg. In the early hours of Tuesday unknown perpetrators set fire to eight cars in the Hohenfelde district. Another car was damaged by the heat radiation, as a spokesman of the Hamburg Fire communicates. No one was injured, according to the information.
Only on Monday also unknown set three medium size cars on fire. The cars were completely burnt out. Another vehicle was damaged by the flames. In these fires, no one was injured. Overall, this year more than 70 cars have been burnt in Hamburg, last year, about 150 cars were set on fire.
12 June 2010 – On Saturday morning unknown persons damaged a bank branch New Roßstraße, in the middle of the entrance and pelted it with by bottles filled with paint. A passerby alerted police at 3 o’clock.
In total, four windows were damaged by a small paving stone thrown at the entrance. The State Security Police at the State Office of Criminal Investigation has taken over the investigation.
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