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Protests at the Thessaloniki International Fair 2011-videos-fotos-(greece)

September 11, 2011

0   _ Protests at the Thessaloniki International Fair 2011 Constant updates:from: 02.46 GMT+2: In Athens, DELTA motorcycle cops were attacked with Molotov cocktails and stones in Benaki Street, in Exarcheia. There was tension in the area earlier as well. Clashes and dozen molotov cocktails in Exarcheia last night 5/9 athens -greece Posted on September 9, […]

VALANTIS POUZIARITIS IS FREE-( thessaloniki-greece)

July 15, 2011


12th of July AFTER TWO DAYS APPLICATION FOR INTERRUPTION THE SENTENCE IN THE COURTS THESSALONIKI, WAS DECIDED THE RELEASE OF VALANTIS POUZIARITIS, on  17 june 2011, who has been imprisoned with no proof since the 6th of December 2009 and had been sentenced to 9 years and 3 months. Good life Valantis, struggle and strength…  FREEDOM […]

Antifascist action in Thessaloniki

June 26, 2011


 from:   On June 23th, 2011, anti-fascists undertook a direct public action, painted with tar and sealed with a metal mesh the entrance of the nationalist hangout ‘Desmi Ellinon’ (Bonds of Greeks) that had recently opened in the neighbourhood of Kato Toumba (29, Passalides Str., Aghios Fanourios) in Thessaloniki. There is no place for […]

Arson of the local offices of PASOK (ruling party) in Panagia faneromeni area in Thessaloniki-greece

June 19, 2011


June 15 In the view of the permanent pillage of the capital against the workers, the official syndicalistic gang of GSEE (National Workers’ Union of Greece) calls for general strike. Thus the workers are called “to demonstrate peacefully” against the violent charge of the state and capital. Only that in Democracy, for the smooth imposition […]

: Cops raided Orfanotrofio squat Thessaloniki

June 17, 2011


from: Update: The comrades that were framed inside the squat have been detained; when the cops took them out of the building, the solidaritarians chanted militant slogans. Soon after, clashes followed between comrades and police squads that did not hesitate to hit with their batons upside down while they fired tear gas and sound […]


April 13, 2011


CALL FOR THE PAN-HELLENIC DEMONSTRATION FOR ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS on the 16th of APRIL, at 12noon, at KAMARA, THESSALONIKI from  Ivan G.Imprisoned for the Nadir case, I want to say to all the people that are outside and support us all this time, that we are always together with them with our hearts and minds. […]

>Solidarity gathering tomorrow Thursday 3/2, at 9.00am, at Thessaloniki Courts

February 2, 2011


> Solidarity gathering tomorrow Thursday 3/2, at 9.00am, at Thessaloniki Courts For the two comrades, Rammy Sirianos and Kleomenis Savvanidis, who are accused of armed robbery of a confiscated vehicle auction, on 31/1. HANDS OFF OUR COMRADES NO ONE HOSTAGE IN THE HANDS OF THE STATE

>Letter from the two Anastasiadis brothers, on remand in Avlona prison for the Nadir case (thessaloniki)

January 24, 2011


>       The current situation is a period of economic and political crisis of the capitalist State as its decisions and the new measures begin to be controversial, while at the same time the strength of society is being tested and continuously running out, causing turbulence and the risk of a subsequent social explosion. […]

>Letter from I.G. on remand for the Nadir Case in thessaloniki

January 16, 2011


> Early in the afternoon of 4th December an organized raid by 50 cops took place against the anarchist centre of Nadir, on the ground-floor of the B section of the students’ block of buildings, in this way violating the university asylum. The cops raided the place, arresting 9 people, 3 girls and 6 boys, […]

>Responsibility claim for attack with incendiary device on restaurant in thessaloniki, 25/12/10

December 25, 2010


> Responsibility claim for attack with incendiary device on restaurant in thessaloniki, 25/12/10 “Our day will come, our day will come” Bobby Sands Or has it come? Gone is the days when the politicians toured the cities and villages promising the growth and the prosperity of our land accepting claps and handshakes. Gone are the […]

>Thessaloniki: blockading of the National Bank of Greece – Solidarity to Giannis Dimitrakis

December 3, 2010


> open assembly for the promotion of solidarity In the frame of the greek call for solidarity actions to comrade Giannis Dimitrakis ahead of his court of appeals on december 6th we blockaded the national bank that is on egnatia street in central thessaloniki near kamara. After the end of the action the whole of […]

>Thessaloniki (north Greece): Οccupation of the “Union of Daily Newspapers Journalists of Macedonia – Thrace” building.

November 13, 2010


>On Wednesday 11.10.1910 at 11.30 am, an occupation of the ESIEMTH building (Union of Daily Newspapers Journalists of Macedonia – Thrace) took place in Salonica, in solidarity with the comrades Gerasimos Tsakalos and Panagiotis Argyrou and the 5 “wanted” persons for the “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” case.Banners were hanged in front of the building […]

>Statement by anarchist station Radio Revolt concerning the attack on its wagon saloniki greece

November 11, 2010


>  Translation from Athens IMC On Tuesday November 9th at around 11pm, while there were five comrades in the wagon of radio revolt, around 20-25 para-statists and fascists attacked it. Armed with clubs, hammers, sticks and knives they threw three molotovs inside the wagon and tried to block its door. The response of the comrades […]

October 16, 2010


>Thessaloniki courts SMASHED UP at the hearing of the arrested 19year old comrade Giannis Skouloudis 13/10 The provocative attitude of the cops did not stay unanswered today, comrades attacked the riot cop units inside the court building outside the room the comrade was being held. The attitude of the comrades was militant. Despite the attack […]


October 13, 2010


> .ExternalClass p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Early this morning police officers arrested a comrade which they accuse for arson of a vehicle of the national electrical company in Thessaloniki. It is already confirmed that besides his house they have proceeded to raid various houses of individuals of the a/a movement in athens and thessaloniki. […]


October 11, 2010


> .ExternalClass ecx_filtered #ecxyiv696372930 { }.ExternalClass #ecxyiv696372930 p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } .ExternalClass p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Text from a solidarity gathering by the self-organized steki of the philosophical school and the Open assembly of the western neighbourhoods at the french consultant in thessaloniki, protesting the deportations of the Roma in france and in […]

>Responsibility claim for the arson attack of a restaurant in thessaloniki greece on 1 octomber

October 2, 2010


> Wild times we are living.Times of war.Here where hesitation and neutrality does not fit,Where cowards have no place,Here where every desire which clashes with the values of this world, meets those who have as a task its suppression.Those who even their existence, humiliates every dignity, supervises compromise.Here where choices are not defined as such,maybe […]

>BIOLOGICA Squat Info. Thessaloniki Greece

September 27, 2010


> BIOLOGICA is a collective, whose activity revolves around the autonomous (squatted) space in the department of biology, in the University campus, in Thessaloniki. As a collective, based on common beliefs around a D.I.Y. ideology, we engage upon concerts and relevant to the D.I.Y. music scene activities, in order to express our opposition to the […]

>The court of appeals of the Thessaloniki 4 has been adjourned for January 14, 2011 This morning, the court of appeals of the Thessaloniki 4, the last remaining defendants of the 2003 EU summit demonstration, was adjourned for January 14, 2011. More information on the case and on solidarity initiatives will be published here in the build-up to the court of appeals in January.

September 24, 2010


> This morning, the court of appeals of the Thessaloniki 4, the last remaining defendants of the 2003 EU summit demonstration, was adjourned for January 14, 2011. More information on the case and on solidarity initiatives will be published here in the build-up to the court of appeals in January.

>Simon Chapman and 3 other defendants to again face the Greek Courts

September 22, 2010


> Statement of the London Thessaloniki Solidarity Group – September 19th, 2010 version The solidarity group was formed in 2003 soon after the arrests at the EU summit demonstrations in Thessaloniki. The entire basis of the arrests in 2003, was and still remains, an arbitrary attack upon the demonstrations, where culpability was placed upon those […]

>The protection of the Turkish consulate in Thessaloniki, tried to set fire

September 20, 2010


> Sun, 19/09/2010  On the night of September 18, a group of 15 unknowns in black clothes and masks, threw a Molotov cocktail booth security at the Turkish consulate in the Greek city of Thessaloniki. According to Greek police, Butka burnt who were inside the police rescued. The attackers fled back into the University of […]

>Molotov cocktail attack on the outpost of the Turkish Consulate Thessaloniki

September 18, 2010


> Attack with Molotov cocktails made unknown to the outpost of the Turkish consulate in Thessaloniki, at 2.35 o’clock in the morning Saturday 17 /9 The persons covered their faces fired Molotov cocktail at the outpost, located at the intersection of St. Demetrios and St. Paul.The attack was not injured. The fire burned foliage on […]

>Video..Man throws shoe at Greek prime minister

September 12, 2010


>  A man threw his shoe at Prime Minister George Papandreou It was an exotic newA man threw his shoe at Prime Minister GeorgeGeorge Papandreou as he visited kiosks an international trade fair on Saturday, September 11 in Thessaloniki, but it widely missed its mark and the man was pinned down by security guards. The […]

>greece , Thessalonike ,today 10/9/10

September 10, 2010


> In Thessalonike the second biggest city of greece with 1  Million people we have the “international exhibition of thessalonike ” were many years now the prime minister talks and debates about economy and the new year that starts and what his government do every year we have protests outside the area where the exhibition is happening it […]

>The latest state in (the restaurant) Banquet salonika..

August 23, 2010


> Translated by: Subalterne beim Subbotnik During the whole summer period, the workers from the restaurant Banquet and their solidarity committee continued their mobilization with pickets, demonstrations, a live concert and public kitchen outside of the business. The employer not only remained firm at his position, keeping the business suspended, continuing his efforts to eliminate […]

>-Attack on riotcops in Thessaloniki sunday june 20th.

June 30, 2010


>About 40 people masked up attacked a riotcopvan on Agiou Dimitriou street in Thessaloniki catching them by surprise since as soon as three pigs saw them tried to run away but dindt manage because of the molotovs that were flying. two of them caught fire since they coulndt even call for back up from the […]

>Firebombs target unionists, policeman in Thessaloniki

June 29, 2010


> Police in Thessaloniki yesterday were seeking the perpetrators behind three bomb attacks, two on unionists and one on the home of a policeman, none of which caused injuries. A homemade explosive device planted outside the eighth-floor apartment of Sotiris Zarianopoulos, the general secretary of a local labor union, near the city center, detonated shortly […]