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News from Calais: week of evictions, dozens out in the street again

November 14, 2011


Wednesday saw the eviction of the latest Africa House, an industrial complex right next door to a previous Africa House that had been evicted and demolished in 2010. Despite the presence of around 100 CRS and Police Nationale, people left early in the morning and there were no arrests. What has been interesting this time […]


November 5, 2011


To unload postcards, posters and leaflets go to  POSTER SAYS: BURN THE BORDERS EVERY DAY FREEDOM FOR THE HARRAGA* ARRESTED ON SEPTEMBER 22! Revolt of Rome, 15th October 2011   *Harraga is an Arab expression which means ‘the one who burns’, in this case ‘the one who burns the borders’. It is also a […]

Greece-Two Iranian immigrants dead and eight wounded during police chase

October 19, 2011


36,000  immigrants arrested in Evros this year Two Iranian immigrants dead and eight wounded, was the result of a police chase that took place on Tuesday dawn at Egnatia highway. Police set up two roadblocks on the Egnatia highway. The car with the sans-papiers immigrants escaped the first police roadblock but shortly after the car overturned. […]

This Border Kills: two years of police violence in Calais

September 24, 2011


This Border Kills: two years of police violence in Calais Over the past two years, activists in Calais have been intervening in and documenting police raids, arrests, beatings, evictions and destruction of property, as part of campaign of resistance against the war on migrants Calais. They have physically intervened with their bodies; built and defended […]

14 Juillet in Calais(france)

July 16, 2011


Yesterday, Bastille Day, a banner was hung along the main parade route reading “The Bastille has fallen, but not Fortress Europe.” And every evening Calais No Borders are holding feasts of free food and music for migrants and all-comers in an open space near the town hall.   The banner was hung from a building […]

>Sentence of the Nottetempo appeal trial italy (9th December 2010)

December 13, 2010


> On the appeal trial against the Lecce anarchists for so-called operation Nottetempo As usually goes with the justice of the system, things turned badly for the comrades on trial: not only have some of the requests of the public prosecutor been accepted but those who had been acquitted in the first grade of the […]


November 25, 2010


> Rovereto – Cash machines damaged and daubed. Source: L’Adige 19/11/2010 Unknown people have daubed and damaged some cash machines in Rovereto. According to the investigators, the action is to be attributed to people of the anarchist-insurrectionist area. The group has hit at Unicredit on piazza Leoni, BNL on via Dante and BTB on piazza […]

October 9, 2010


> Riot police violently attack migrants after tonight’s anti-fascist demonstration – photos athens Saturday, October 9, 2010 Photos from Athens IMC. The attack happened a bit after the main anti-fascist demonstration tonight, launched by the riot police against a group of migrants who went on marching after the main demonstration had ended.   Friday, October 8, […]

>Bruxelles – Action against the Italian embassy

October 2, 2010


>Today at 19.00 loads of shit where thrown against the Italian Embassy.With this symbolical act, we wanted to denounce the murder Italian migration policy. Return agreements with Libya, racist laws, state violence against migrants, infernal detention centers make this country one of the most shameful example of the murder European anti migration policy, carried on […]

>Some unreported news from Bulgaria – Summer 2010

September 25, 2010


> 25 Септември 2010 03.06.2010 – Jewelry shop in Sofia was robbed by only one man. He made it not in the night but in a bright day. How can one guess it is so easy to rob a jewelry shop, lol ? 30.08.2010, Sofia – A roma man (gypsy) managed to hit a policeman […]

>“Welcome to Europe”

September 23, 2010


>Announcement This is the name of the organization which discovered and exposed the field with the mass graves of drowned refugees on the border of  Evros. There’s no meaning in numbers and statistics, any more. Important are the coherences and thoughts that the images bring to those who are yet not dehumanized. The image of a […]

>Sydney Anarchists

September 22, 2010


>On Monday 20/9/2010 11 prisoners at the Immigrant Detention Centre at Villawood occupied the roof of the prison, with many more on hunger strike. One of the prisoners jumped off the roof committing suicide to protest their deportation. The others on the roof threatened to also jump by 5.00pm Tuesday unless their demands were met. […]

>Mass breakout of asylum-seekers in Australia

September 22, 2010


>  1 September 2010 It has been reported that 60-70 Afghani men have escaped from the refugee and asylum- seekers’ detention centre in Darwin today, Wed 1st September. The men, the majority of whom are asylum-seekers whose request for refugee status has been declined, are holding a ‘sit in’ alongside the Stuart Highway, with banners that read […]

>ROMA – Europe 1942 – 2010

September 21, 2010


> French police evacuate a Roma family from a camp near Lille last month. In a speech French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that he had asked the interior minister to “put an end to the wild squatting and camping of the Roma.”  This picture from July 30, 1942 shows a concentration camp prisoner, Hans Bonarewitz, […]

>In Norway, in a refugee camp rolled riot

July 9, 2010


> Thu, 08/07/2010 – 15:14 — editor Tuesday night at the camp on fire for illegal migrants in the city of Lier province Buskerud in Norway. It was informed by the police department Buskerud province. Burned down three buildings where foreigners were living with their families, before obtaining the waiver of the Norwegian authorities the […]


July 5, 2010


>WORKING AND LIVING BY THE SWEAT OF OUR BROW! We sell things on the street because we don’t have an alternative way of making a living.No work is refused in order for us to make a living.These people that you see on the street , these people that you keep harassing, are people who are […]

>Migrants die crossing river northen greece 30/6

July 1, 2010


> Authorities in the northern port of Alexandroupoli said yesterday that they had recovered the bodies of 11 drowned immigrants from the banks of the Evros River since Saturday. The bodies were discovered by local fishermen who reported the gruesome finds to police. The migrants, believed to have been of African origin and aged between […]

>On immigration and the Crisis in Greece: Four points

June 14, 2010


> on 13 June 2010 1. For some, the crisis did not start two years ago. From the Structural Adjustment Programs in Africa and Latin America in the 1980s, to the neo-liberal looting in the countries of the former Soviet bloc in the 1990s, crisis and migration have been twin concepts.For three decades neo-liberalism has […]

>Dead migrant Greece

June 9, 2010


> The body of a young man believed to be an African migrant was recovered yesterday from the River Evros, police in Orestiada, northern Greece, said. The man is thought to have been one of a group of migrants who drowned at the end of last month while trying to enter Greece via the Evros […]