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>Letter from anarchist comrade Dimitris Michael (greece)

February 8, 2011


> Letter from Dimitris Michael  On the 4th of December a Hollywood-style production took place within the framework of political “witch-hunts”, produced by the (anti-)terrorist unit, the Mass Media and as guest-stars five anarchist comrades and myself. In a movie-show where houses are turned into “hide-outs”, books into “illegal press”, friendship and comradely relations into […]

>Letter declaring prison food abstention in greece

February 1, 2011


> We know it by first hand. Thousands of paths lead to freedom and thousands of disagreements can exist among those that fight. Besides, each individual, each group, each organization consists another tendency of the revolutionary community, however… When we close our eyes the same pictures are painted in our minds. When we take our […]

>Letter from the two Anastasiadis brothers, on remand in Avlona prison for the Nadir case (thessaloniki)

January 24, 2011


>       The current situation is a period of economic and political crisis of the capitalist State as its decisions and the new measures begin to be controversial, while at the same time the strength of society is being tested and continuously running out, causing turbulence and the risk of a subsequent social explosion. […]

>Letter from I.G. on remand for the Nadir Case in thessaloniki

January 16, 2011


> Early in the afternoon of 4th December an organized raid by 50 cops took place against the anarchist centre of Nadir, on the ground-floor of the B section of the students’ block of buildings, in this way violating the university asylum. The cops raided the place, arresting 9 people, 3 girls and 6 boys, […]

>Letter from imprisoned comrade Christos Politis, one of the 6 arrested on the 4th of December during a widespread anti-terrorist operation.

January 11, 2011


> Some very first thoughts on my detention  1. This letter does not constitute an overall political analysis of the anti-terrorist operation which began on December 4th, but rather a first political reading of my detention; of its meanings and wider aims. 2. It is a fact that I find myself in prison exactly because […]


January 4, 2011


> Because of the world economic crisis which is a consequence of the bankruptcy of the capitalistic model and neo-liberal economic policy of the western states and governments, the biggest and and most massive anti-popular attack in the world and mainly on the societies of the “weakest” links of the eurozone of the new economically […]

>Greece – Targeting as evidence. On the arrest on anarchist Christos Politis

December 21, 2010


> translation of the letter of comrade Kostas Mparlis, who was arrested together with imprisoned comrade Christos Politis. Christos Politis is acccused for participating in terrorists’ organization ________________* ________________ Targeting as evidence – On the arrest on anarchist Christos Politis On Saturday December 4, around 16:00 and while we were sitting with the comrade and […]

>Letter of the 2 imprisoned in Avlona prisons for the Nadir case in saloniki greece

December 19, 2010


> On saturday 4th of December with the upcoming demonstration that would take place for the two years since the death of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, the anarchist squat NADIR is raided and evicted by the cops who arrested all individuals found inside the building. At the same time our own cinematographic arrest also takes place where […]

>Responsibility claim for mass atm sabotage in Thessaloniki greece 7 december

December 16, 2010


> The banks as pillars of capitalism create – the known and now evident- economic inequalities and construct the post-industrial capitalism, where the speed and the omnipotence of trade lead society to a complete mechanization and automatism. On the other hand society insists to move in these predetermined ways, completely determined by the intellectual images […]

>UPDATE ON GIANNIS DIMITRAKIS TRIAL Information about the 6 arrested alleged "terrorists" (GREECE)

December 12, 2010


> On the 6th of december Giannis Dimitrakis trial began. 100 comrades were outside chanting. On monday the 13th of december at 9am at the court of appeals on loukareos on the first floor in room D70A is the next trial of Giannis Dimtrakis. It will begin with the testimony of special agent Andraskelas and […]

>Update on the arrests athens in greece 5/12

December 5, 2010


> Big turnaround by the balistic reports – The guns are not connected with terrorist attacks The first balistic reports are completed on the guns in the safehouses They have not been used in terrorist attacks. Were not used in attacks of urban guerilla war, that were found in Nea Smirni and in Piraeus, according […]

December 5, 2010


> Houses now raided throughout Athens Various mainstream media report that police raid numerous houses throughout Athens and that weaponry has been found. Arrests have been made in different parts of the city. Updates once it is possible to make out what is going on. Cops raid Nadir in Thessaloniki Saturday, December 4, 2010 Only […]