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Maggs & Allen office attacked in Bristol (uk)

November 17, 2011


Maggs & Allen office attacked in Bristol At approximately 2 am this morning, the office of Maggs & Allen estate agent in Henleaze, Bristol was attacked with hammers. The windows of their shop front were totally annihilated. This action was taken in solidarity with The Factory, and dedicated to all autonomous spaces in Bristol past […]

UK – Santander attacked in Bristol in solidarity with Luciano Tortuga (Chile)

November 17, 2011


 UK – Santander attacked in Bristol in solidarity with Luciano Tortuga (Chile) We smashed 2 Santander banks in Bristol.  We did this in solidarity with all those fucked over by the banks.  Our thoughts hearts and actions go out to Luciano Tortuga, injured and repressed whilst fighting back.  Your courage and determination are inspiring.

Updates Hackney Squatter’s Outing 4/11/11 Two Evictions in north london Hackney this Friday(London-uk)

November 5, 2011


Updates  Hackney Squatter’s Outing 4/11/11 Two Evictions in north london  Hackney this Friday This morning  4 november we took to the streets to resist the evictions of two squatted homes in Hackney. Following successful resistance we took a neighbourhood stroll to Hackney Town Hall and local branches of Tesco’s, drawing attention to their role in evictions in […]

Solidarity action for Greek anarchists ‘Revolutionary Struggle’ from Bristol (UK)

October 7, 2011

1 5 October 2011 “In Bristol last night (Wednesday October 5th) we broke into a police compound just south of the river. Under the cover of darkness we set fire to a marked police car. We didn’t hang around long enough to see whether or not it went up… we can only hope. We did […]

Serious Crime Squad HQ vehicles paint-stripped in Bristol (UK)

September 29, 2011


 FROM : 24 September 2011 “Scientifically investigate this! Detective chief inspector willy white 2-3 unmarked vehicles were paint strippered at Kenneth Steele House, Feeder road CID’s serious crime squad HQ for the south west. On the evening of 24th Sept (sat). Oh William this one’s for you who likes his own mug shot all over […]

Bank and Tesco’s Smashed, Bristol (uk)

September 21, 2011


Bank and Tesco’s Smashed, Bristol On Monday 19th September we smashed the windows and cashpoint of Tesco’s and Lloyds TSB in St. George, Bristol. We did this in solidarity with all those oppressed by the system of domination we live under. From those oppressed by the financial violence and debt culture of the banks, to […]

Writing on the wall category bristol -uk

September 8, 2011


Writing on the wall bristol indymedia Newfoundland Road police station spraypainted on Monday night – “Injustice is law”. 3 men were killed by cops in one week last month. They are the latest in a long list of people who have died at the hands of our so called protectors. The thugs in uniform will […]

solidarity action to squatters -bristol uk

August 26, 2011


solidarity to squatters a piece of the states apparatus was put out of action early thursday morning: an orbis/sitex van, used to secure voids (empty properties) with metal doors and shutters and installing alarms, wa gutted by flames.this was done as part of the ongoing struggle against the enclosures on our lives, where we are […]

Breaking the banks action solidarity -bristol -uk

August 26, 2011


Last night the windows of Lloyds TSB in Fishponds were smashed, to let some air in to the filthy place and to show we will not keep quiet in the face of the relentless attacks of capital and the state. A broken window helps to shatter the illusion that our enemies are invincible. True, it […]

Bristol Police raid squat looking for riot suspect(s) 17/8 (U.K)

August 19, 2011


Police with more than ten riot vans, and evidence gathering unit, raided a squat on Park Row this afternoon looking for a man. The cops were looking for and trying to seize computers, mobile phones, hammers, gloves, paint, anarchist literature and Indymedia-related material. This suggests that it was connected to the recent attack against the […]

Bristol Evening Post targeted by vandals (uk)

August 17, 2011


Bristol Evening Post targeted by vandals ___ Damage to the Bristol News & Media office, 12 August 2011. (Photo © Simon Chapman) Police are investigating if the attack is linked to the Evening Post’s extensive coverage of the Bristol disturbances. The Post has published several photos of suspects believed to be involved in Monday’s violence, […]

bristol direct action U.K

August 15, 2011


bristol direct action saturday 13th august. we do not wit for nightfall to attackd , 7.30pm, its light and confidence is not lacking. there where drinkers in the park, more interested in a bottle of ace cider an playing with the dog. 3 unmarked police vehicles at trinity rd police station receive a brick each. […]

BBC Radio transmission mast destroyed by fire in Bristol(uk)

August 11, 2011


BBC Radio transmission mast destroyed by fire in Bristol As social war erupts in the UK, we torched a BBC Radio transmission mast in the early hours of August 11th 2011. The mast was located in the Bedminster Down area of Bristol and is managed by Arquiva. Strength to all those in the prisons and […]

Eon vehicle torched in Bristol riots(uk)

August 11, 2011


 Wednesday August 10 On Monday 8th August 2011, during civil unrest in St Paul’s area, Bristol. An Eon vehicle was spotted and duely torched on William Street. For Eon’s total disregard for the natural ecosystems, this was in solidarity with all arrested that night and after. The BMW was noted to be adjacent and worthy […]

Attack on Bristol police claimed by anarchists (uk)

August 9, 2011


Early this morning /9/8  we set fire to a riot van at Bishopston police station. We rejoice the uprising of many State-brutalised, marginalised youths as they establish a new relationship to their surroundings, and whatever other insurgents who have chosen revolt across England. To all the disgusted ‘citizens’ who can only see the daily class […]

UK: London ,bristol ,Birmingham riots (updates)

August 9, 2011


from Athens to London with love and rage GET ON THE STREETS AND TURN OFF THE TELEVISIONS here in December riot lots of people meet on the streets and together we did amazing things BURN DOWN LONDON fuck the police sOLIDARITY FRom athens St Pauls and Stokes Croft Riots Early this morning about 200 people ran […]

Estate Agents attacked – Bristol -(U.K.)

July 21, 2011


Last night (20 July) the windows of Maggs & Allen Bristol were smashed. We did this in response to Maggs & Allen’s part in the threatened eviction of the Freeshop and the Emporium, two squatted spaces on Stokes Croft. Our solidarity goes out to all people being threatened with eviction, from those in squats to […]

Bristol ABC Publishes Political Prisoner Support List(U.K.)

July 14, 2011


  Local group Bristol Anarchist Black Cross, have recently published a large prisoner support list (PDF), which includes people jailed as part of the Stokes Croft riots.  They write: It is a worrying fact that the list of political prisoners is growing both here in the UK and around the world. The fact of the matter is that we barely scratch […]

Cop vehicles attacked right opposite police station, Bristol (U.K.)

July 2, 2011


Excerpt from: Cop vehicles attacked right opposite police station, Bristol Six unmarked police vehicles parked in the locked carpark opposite Trinity Road police station were damaged last night with paintstripper over the bodywork under right the pigs’ snouts, tyres punctured. This done with joy and ease as a minimal leisurely contribution to revolutionary social war…. […]

Support for Stokes Croft prisoners bristol (u.k.)

June 22, 2011


  Bristol Defendant Solidarity calls out for solidarity with the prisoners from the Stokes Croft riots. A simple but very effective way of supporting those imprisoned is by writing to them. Letters can be a lifeline for prisoners, breaking the isolation of life inside and letting the prisoners know that they are not alone or […]

Offices of Justice Secretary Ken Clarke attacked in Nottingham (UK)

June 6, 2011


News from our brothers-comrades: 2 June 2011 “Direct action was taken against Ken Clarke’s constituency offices on Thursday. While doughnut eating cops were dozing near by, the Tory social club on Rectory Road, West Bridgford had its doors D-locked shut and “Tory Scum” painted on it. The offices of the Rushcliffe Conservative Association across the […]

Banks smashed in Bristol(U.K.)

June 3, 2011


Banks smashed in Bristol Anon | Action against banks claimed in Solidarity with Stokes Croft rebels. In the early hours of June 1st TWO banks on Gloucester Road in Bristol had the majority of their windows and ATMs smashed out with hammers. This was in despite of the still increasing number of high quality security […]

Taunton Two Court Solidarity(bristol u.k.)

May 10, 2011


Update! The defendants are to plead not guilty on the 12th May, and the case will then be adjourned to a later date. Support shown on the 12th May will be appreciated, and help to promote solidarity for any other cases in the near future. Thank you to everyone showing support so far, we will keep […]

fires set in attack @ probation unit in bristol-(U.K.)

May 4, 2011


informalanarchists | 04.05.2011 last night we torched three big vans inside the ” secured” compound of the probation office in saint pauls – just off stokes croft, bristol. we recognise the probation service as a soft-cog of the workings of the state. keeping tabs and tags on you, trying to make you calm down, when […]

News from bristol u.k.- Solidarity with the Taunton Two!–police out in numbers for riot screening

April 27, 2011


police out in numbers for riot screening Just popped out to the shop and there are LOADS of police out in and around mina road park tonight, vans driving around.  Very visible presence. Perhaps thay came down to see the films?  You can get in free with a silly hat and a uniform, apparently. Or […]

Cop vehicles and Tescos smashed in Bristol updates(Stokescroft) riot last night.(u.k.)

April 22, 2011


Stokes Croft Erupts As Police Evict Squat (Updated ) Stokes Croft – legal update   Sunday April 24, Four people appeared at Bristol Magistrate’s Court on Saturday morning, having been held in custody since Thursday evening. Two of them are still locked up. One person was remanded in custody after pleading guilty to one charge […]

Mitie offices attacked in Hartcliffe (U.K.)

April 19, 2011


Mitie offices attacked in Hartcliffe (U.K.) 15-20 windows smashed at Mitie offices in Hartcliffe. The reason this was done is because this company profits from the recession. Solidarity with everybody arrested on the 26 March anti-cuts demo. We echo the call from those who attacked the Shell HQ last week for a heightening of resistance […]

>Anarchists set fire to fiberoptic cables, paintstrip CCTV van — Bristol, England

March 6, 2011


> A communique emerged:“through struggle and attack, comrades and rebels everywhere solidarity to you all. as we self manage our own struggle we stand against everything that exploits all of us, in a(nother) city full of actual physical mechanisms of exploitation and domination, targets are everywhere and in direct accordance with their being, so comes […]

>Viva l’anarchia! 150 years of anarchism and revolt in Italy bristol u.k.

February 16, 2011


> 12/13 Kings Square/ jamaica st. Anti-info weekend about anarchist struggle in the past and present in Italy and beyond. Saturday 19th (3 till 8pm) Meet, drink tea, enjoy the zines/texts and nice tunes.beginning with the text Viva l’anarchia! we will discover , discuss , listen and share the rich and passionate anarchist past in […]

>Solidarity attack in Bristol outskirts – The fire is spreading (UK)

February 12, 2011


>“We have come to terms with the extent of the damage done to our individual lives, our planet, what could laughably be called the remains of some *community* (now a politicians’ poisoned term – we see nothing reflective of what community means to us in this society) by the ravaging of capitalism, the State, social […]

>Attack in Bristol for Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (UK)

January 19, 2011


> from “In the early morning of 17 January, two telecommunications utilities vehicles, of British Telecom, were set on fire in Bristol. This attack was made in solidarity with Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and all those who are fighting inside and outside the prison walls. We denounce the trial against the accused and […]

>Arson of security vehicle in solidarity with Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in Bristol (UK)

January 16, 2011


> 15 January 2011 “Early hours of saturday morning security and surveillance van set on fire in solidarity with members of conspiracy cells of fire group who face trial in Greece on monday the 17th.”Solidarity with Cells of Fire

>night of sabotage in bristol U.K.

January 11, 2011


> we are warming up…early on January 10th, as anarchists with revolutionary intent we continued in the trajectory that our horror and disgust at the society we find ourselves engulfed by demands. as a result – bailiff and debt collecting firm Revenue on Bonnville Road, windows all down one side of the building smashed (despite […]

>anarchist attack action in innercity bristol for a smashing new year

January 3, 2011


> january the first. anarchists saw in the new year 2011 with attacks on both newfoundland road police station and the probation office on upper york street using easily found stones. with our action, we breathe revolutionary solidarity for the next year and beyond to all those engaged in struggle against the state and capitalism […]

>Poster inspired by Millbank…

November 28, 2010


> Share and enjoy! windows.pdf 0.16 Mb

November 28, 2010


> Education Revolt: Solidarity Statement bristol U.K. See Below We, the individuals and groups listed below, offer our solidarity and support for the action(s) taken earlier this week and the continuing occupations in Bristol and across the country. The raising of Tuition fees, the cutting of Housing Benefit, Legal Aid and many other Social Benefits […]

>Prisoner support letter-writing night and hot prisoners

November 13, 2010


> Prisoner support letter-writing night and hot prisoners Bristol ABC prisoner support group returns this month to Kebele social centre for November’s public letters to prisoners night. Wednesday 10 November, from 7 to 9pm at 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY. Hot drinks available, bring snacks to share please. Once again we will have lists of […]

>SHAC activists convicted and imprisoned (UK)

October 30, 2010


> On 25th October six British SHAC campaigners were convicted on charges related to their role in the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences. Alfie Fitzpatrick was given a 12 month sentence suspended for 2 years. Sarah Whitehead received 6 years. Nicole Vosper received 3 and a half years. Thomas Harris received 4 years. Nicola […]

>Tuesday, 28 September 2010 Bristol, England – Natwest bank smashed on Gloucester Road, Bristol in solidarity with those in prison in Chile and Switzerland

September 29, 2010


> ”attack on a bank on gloucester road in solidarity with those in prison in chile and switzerland. in the early hours of the 28th of september we attacked the natwest bank on gloucester road, bristol with paint and bricks. windows were smashed, paintbombs thrown and ‘destroy all prisons’ was sprayed up on the wall. […]

>Hunger strikes in Swiss prisons by anarchist prisoners Marco, Billy, Costa and S

September 15, 2010


> Eco-anarchist prisoners Marco Camenisch, Luca Bernasconi, Costantino Ragusa and Silvia Guerini started an hunger strike the past 10th September. Communique’: We – Billy, Costa, Silvia and Marco – eco-anarchist and revolutionary individuals hostages of the Swiss state have decided to start a hunger strike from 10th September 2010. Because of our situation and the […]