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Belgium- Liège – Riots after killing of robber

November 15, 2011


Liège – Riots after killing of robber from: LIEGE – A week ago, the 18 years old Jordy Kasavubu was killed by a jeweller during an attempted robbery. Jordy and an accomplice were waiting for the jeweller to come home. The jeweller remarked their presence in front of the gate of his villa, pulled […]

Solidarity demonstration in Brussels with the comrades of “Revolutionary Struggle”‏

October 28, 2011


Actforfreedomnow!  receives and transmits : October 25, 2011 Greece: Trial against “Revolutionary Struggle” The trial of the eight alleged members of anarchist “Revolutionary Struggle”, finally began yesterday before the Special Criminal Court of Appeal set up within the walls of Korydallos prison near Athens. Originally due to begin October 5, the trial was postponed to allow […]

Brussels – Two police stations and car dealership attacked

October 27, 2011

0 BRUSSELS – In Anderlecht, two police stations have been attacked these last weeks. With police refusing to comment such events in a ‘highly sensible area’, only now some information came out. One police station, the biggest of Anderlecht and permanently opened and manned, was attacked with a “carabine à plombs”. The bullets smashed […]

Andenne – Four prisoners escape; two guards taken hostage; prison van used to flee(belgium)

October 19, 2011


From: ANDENNE – Four prisoners in Andenne took two guards hostage. They were armed with razor blades and selfmade knives. One guard was hurt and left inside the prison, the other was taken with. The prisoners took a prison van to flee. Some time later, they drove into a block of the police. Later, […]

Tubize – CPAS (social money office) set on fire, president got threats

August 22, 2011

0 Thursday morning, around 8 AM, the technical department, in the basement, of the CPAS was set on fire. The smoke invaded several parts of the building. One person got slightly intoxicated. Keys, furniture, desks were damaged. The public prosecutor believes it was an act of arson. The president of the social money office had […]

Bristol Police raid squat looking for riot suspect(s) 17/8 (U.K)

August 19, 2011


Police with more than ten riot vans, and evidence gathering unit, raided a squat on Park Row this afternoon looking for a man. The cops were looking for and trying to seize computers, mobile phones, hammers, gloves, paint, anarchist literature and Indymedia-related material. This suggests that it was connected to the recent attack against the […]

BBC Radio transmission mast destroyed by fire in Bristol(uk)

August 11, 2011


BBC Radio transmission mast destroyed by fire in Bristol As social war erupts in the UK, we torched a BBC Radio transmission mast in the early hours of August 11th 2011. The mast was located in the Bedminster Down area of Bristol and is managed by Arquiva. Strength to all those in the prisons and […]

Charleroi – Four vehicles burned down(belgium)

June 30, 2011


In the region of Charleroi, four vehicles have been put on fire: two in Marcinelle, one in Marchienne-au-Pont and one in Gilly. Nobody was arrested. 23/06/2011

Ittre – Five cars of guards burned down in front of prison

May 31, 2011


BRUSSELS – During the night of Friday to Saturday, unknown persons burned down five cars belonging the guards of the prison of Ittre on their parking lot in front of the prison. The five cars were completely destroyed. In the afternoon, guards went on strike for several hours to protest against this violent act of […]

Brussels, Belgium – Hidden camera discovered in the home of two anarchists

May 14, 2011


suie e cendres 08/05/2011 – – We just found a video surveillance device hidden in our apartment. We will limit ourselves here, tentatively, to provide some technical details, joining the photos. The dispostion was hidden behind a small air vent, positioned to ventilate the sheetrock wall in our kitchen. The camera, “S / W” […]

Brussels – Fire bombs explode at building of employers’ organisation

April 26, 2011


BRUSSELS – In Auderghem, on Friday the first of April, two fire bombs exploded in front of the building of COMEOS, the organisation of employers in commerce. Police says the explosion was heard till far away and are also calling for witnesses. 19/04/2011

Vottem – Demonstrators invade the detention centre(belgium)

April 5, 2011


Annual demo at Vottem [Liege] against closed detention centres 03/04/11: several hundred demonstrators marched from place Léonard to the centre. Arrived at the centre, 50 of the demonstrators climbed on the fences and entered the centre. Very quickly the Samba, who had entered with them, gave their drums from inside. After a few minutes, the […]

Charleroi – Days of riots, stone and fire after death during arrest(belgium)

April 5, 2011


GILLY – Last week, on Friday, Sandro (27 years old), died after having been beating during an arrest. An autopsy said he died of a heart attack and discovered traces of cocaine in his blood (which the media are using to present him as a “drug addict” or even a “dealer”). Photos came out of […]

>Demo, revolt, fire and escape at Brussels detention centre today

February 22, 2011


> arnaud borderer | 20.02.2011  Activists held a solidarity action outside the Steenockerzeel 123bis detention centre in Brussels this afternoon. Inside, prisoners took matters into their own hands and started a revolt which led to one escape and a wing destroyed by fire. Currently the area is shut down by police. The group “Voices Without […]

November 7, 2010


> Brussels – Molotov cocktails against buildings of Federal Judiciary Police burnt out vehicles at Incourt suie e cendres BRUSSELS – Molotov cocktails were thrown against the buildings of the Judiciary Federal Police in Brussels. This was said by the television news of VTM and confirmed by the federal police.The incendiary projectiles were thrown from […]

>Solidarity with arrested in Belgium, attack on police station

October 20, 2010


> ongoing struggle against borders and all kinds of prisons. solidarity Κατεβάστε το συνημμένο αρχείο: brussels_a4.pdf (application/pdf) As a part of an ongoing struggle against prisons and the construction of a new deportation prison specifically, anarchists called for an offensive demonstration against borders and all types of prisons on the 1st of October. This was […]

>Lisbon – Solidarity action with the comrades in Belgium

October 12, 2010


> informa-azione 12/10/2010 – Lisbon cathedral woke up in the 12th of October with paintbombs and spraypainted. “The S.E.F and the church go hand in hand. That both go up in flames!” (S.E.F. is the Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras) “Solidarity with comrades in Belgium. Fire to the detention centres!” Posted by sysiphus:// Despite Everything […]

October 5, 2010


> Brussels – Companies targetted, against deportations A communiqué says that Tuesday morning, several façades of companies, implicated in the management of migration, were targetted. It is unclair which companies, or in which way. A few photos show slogans on the façades of Carlson Wagonlit ( manages the stay of people without papers, before they […]

>Bruxelles – Action against the Italian embassy

October 2, 2010


>Today at 19.00 loads of shit where thrown against the Italian Embassy.With this symbolical act, we wanted to denounce the murder Italian migration policy. Return agreements with Libya, racist laws, state violence against migrants, infernal detention centers make this country one of the most shameful example of the murder European anti migration policy, carried on […]

>Spain General strike action in Almeria and Mojacar areas and barcelona madrit!

September 29, 2010


> A general strike is taking place throughout Spain today aginst the so-called “austerity measures” imposed by the government and capital. Since midnight piquets, blockades, actions and demonstrations are taking place all over the Spanish State. The strike is planned to last for 24h until midnight tonight.. 29 settembre 2010 sciopero generale in spagna picchetti, […]

September 18, 2010


> Mons – Chevrolet burned MONS – During the night, a luxury car Chevrolet Captiva was put on fire. The vehicule is completely destroyed. 10.09.2010 Vielsalm – Working engines of mine firebombed VIELSALM – The director of a mining company is complaining about the fact that his working engines and other company material were already […]

>Simultaneous riots in the prison and detention centre for immigrants in Merksplas

September 18, 2010


> mardi 14 septembre 2010 Sunday, about 70 prisoners of the prison of Merksplas started a riot. They started by refusing to go back to their cells; going on then with breaking windows and tearing down infrastructure of the prison. When police forces arrived, tens of prisoners barricades themselves inside a wing where they resisted […]

>Molenbeek – Trap against police with stones and molotovs

September 13, 2010


> MOLENBEEK – Around 23h, police was called on a spot in Molenbeek for a ‘theft with violence’. Once arrived, the police patrol bumped into a fence which was put on the road. They sensed something was wrong and then stones, sticks and molotov cocktails started to rain on their car and another police patrol […]

>Riot in prison belgium

August 26, 2010


> LEUVEN – When during the night prison guards tried to put a prisoner in the isolation cell, he fought back and hurt two guards. The guards called the police for an intervention and a small riot followed where one cop got hurt. According to the prison director Henk Mortier the incident is to be […]

>Resistance against arrest from belgium

August 26, 2010


> Brussels – In Molenbeek, a small riot occured between the police and youngsters. The police had arrested a man who was searched for and has to do one year of prison sentence. Around 50 people fropm the neigbourhood resisted the arrest by pushing the police. A security camera got destroyed and a police van […]

>anarkia meeting from 1 TO 5 SEPT 2010 in brussels

August 23, 2010


> for our meeting in brussels”anarkia”from 1 TO 5 _WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF YOU RE COMING REALLY TO IT-just to welcome you in the best way possible-if some of you are coming and want to get the parole on our meeting ,as witnesses from their homeland or as anything else,they re really welcome […]


August 3, 2010


> Belgium – Around 250 to 300 vehicules burned each year BRUSSELS – Federal police says every year about 250 to 300 vehicules get burned. In 2007, the number was 253; in 2008, the estimation was 245 but in 2009, the amount increased to 305. This year, already 139 vehicules suffered arson. Police fears this […]

>NO BORDER CAMP in Brussels

July 27, 2010


> from 27th of September till 3th of October included A NO BORDER CAMP ? The NO BORDER CAMP IN BRUSSELS follows the tradition of No Border camps,organised all over the world since the 90s. Neither a normative frame,nor an organization, the No Border Camp is most of all a meeting, aconvergence of struggles aiming […]

>Sint-Stevens-Woluwe – A burning mobile phone antenna belgium

July 18, 2010


> SINT-STEVENS-WOLUWE – In the Frans Smoldersstraat, firemen had to come in the night of Wednessday to Thursday for a burning antenna for mobile phones. The antenna was completely burned. 16/07/2010

>Pecq – Police hit over by car belgium

June 11, 2010


> A police officer was badly wounded during a control in front of the police station of Val d’Escaut in Pecq. A car refused to stop on demand of the police, accelerated and hit the officer. 06.06.2010translated from