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UK – Santander attacked in Bristol in solidarity with Luciano Tortuga (Chile)

November 17, 2011


 UK – Santander attacked in Bristol in solidarity with Luciano Tortuga (Chile) We smashed 2 Santander banks in Bristol.  We did this in solidarity with all those fucked over by the banks.  Our thoughts hearts and actions go out to Luciano Tortuga, injured and repressed whilst fighting back.  Your courage and determination are inspiring.

A flame of solidarity from the R.O. C.C.F. to the brothers and sisters in Chile

November 16, 2011


A flame of solidarity from the  C.C.F.  to  the brothers and sisters in Chile When the prison bars stop our hands from throwing the fire of anarchy into the world of power, our words become the sharp rasp of escape. Armed with thoughts, desires, secret plans, new conspiracies, we give a warmest embrace in our […]

In the night of 9th November 2011, in Milano (Italy), we smashed 7 bank ATMs.

November 15, 2011


Actforfreedomnow! receives and transmits: In the night of 9th November 2011, in Milano (Italy), we smashed 7 bank ATMs. We decided to attack the banks as they are the symbol institutions of money, the pillar of today's alienated and false social relations (work/consume) and of the power relations between the dominant élites and the mass […]

Indonesia: IRF / FAI Indonesia claims new International Solidarity fire attack against BRI Bank, Yogyakarta; 3 comrades arrested

October 15, 2011


from 325: 7 October 2010 Social rebellion will continue as the sun continues to shine. This time we say, that what we are doing is the culmination of all our anxieties and anger against a system that is running this. Systems that idolize money, a system that nags the public daily with television, so they […]

Brazilians set fire at consulate in solidarity with Tortuga

September 26, 2011


by This Is Our Job From Culmine (September 26, 2011): Hello dear compas all around the world. From Porto Alegre in southern Brazil we heard the call for our dear compa Tortuga, and we took the streets at 8:40 a.m. for him. We started a fire at the entrance to the consulate with lots of […]

Comrade Luciano ‘Tortuga’ new court date (Chile)

September 26, 2011


Comrade Luciano ‘Tortuga’ new court date (Chile) Luciano ‘Tortuga’ Pitronello, wounded comrade in action, has next been demanded to appear before the court on November 22 2011, for the explosive attack against Santander Bank in Santiago, Chile, June 1 2011.

Attack against ‘Lexus’ by Fire Cell / FAI (UK)

September 26, 2011


from   325 receives and transmits: 25 September 2011 “This is a claim for setting alight an SUV at the Lexus car showroom on Coldhams Lane, Cambridge, early in the morning of 25/09/11. This is done pushed not just by hatred of this society but inflamed with solidarity for comrades Luciano in Chile and Tamara […]