Greece: Gatherings/Demonstrations for the November 17th – FOTOS-VIDEOS

Posted on November 17, 2011




(18.30 GMT+2) People built up flaming barricades alongside Alexandras Avenue. Earlier a police cubicle outside the EU building on Vasilissis Sofias Avenue was set ablaze. Public lights were off outside the US Embassy, from where most of the demonstrator blocks have already left. KKE/PAME block is still headed towards the embassy, though, marching separately from other blocks in Vasilissis Sofias Avenue. Protesters clash with cops in nearby Mavili Square, erecting barricades.

As we write these lines (17.20 GMT+2), small-scale clashes between cops and protesters (mainly of the anarchist/anti-authoritarian blocks) are under way in front of the parliament while several detentions were reported. Demonstrators still take to the streets of Athens; the demo started from Klafthmonos Square, without as many in attendance as expected. Earlier cops used tear gas in Syntagma, as well as in Exarchia –the Polytechnic School’s building, Patission Street and the entire neigbourhood seems to be cordoned off by police squads. According to radio 98 FM’s live coverage, there are approximately 100 detentions so far, including anarchists —possibly including the fighters Aris Seirinidis and his mother. Several people were detained even in front of their homes. Cops are literally everywhere. They previously cordoned off Vasileos Georgiou Street, at Syntagma, while demonstrators were trying to pass through in order to reach the US Embassy, as in every year’s demo. On the contrary, some blocks affiliated with political parties such as PASOK were permitted to reach their gatherings outside the US Embassy from early on.

The standard police fence next to the parliament is apparently not there. Protesters are now allowed (!) to march from Syntagma Square all the way to the US Embassy. According to earlier reports, the block of Anarchist Archives Group was encircled by cops in Syntagma Square.

Constant police checks were reported, and approximately 7,000 police thugs have been dispatched on the streets of Athens while metro stops and main streets are closed downtown. Stalinists of the KKE’s forces are about to gather in Omonia Square.

At the moment, nearly 150 people have gathered in Aghios Tryphonas Square in Ano Glyfada where a sound system is set up.

The photo is from the spontaneous march of nearly 100 school students in the morning, in the neighbourhood of Zografou in memory of the 1973 uprising. The students chanted slogans against the fascists, the austerity measures and the IMF. The mobilization was welcomed by the residents.

In the city of Patras, clashes erupted between anti-authoritarian secondary students and police squads in Corinthou and Ermou streets in the morning. The students attacked the city hall with colour bombs.

In Τhessaloniki, protesters should pay great attention when reaching the Polytechnic. Earlier there were several detentions. The area around the university premises is cordoned off by Stalinists of KNAT and police squads.

Also, live coverage of the demos for the Nov 17 on Occupied London



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