In the night of 9th November 2011, in Milano (Italy), we smashed 7 bank ATMs.

Posted on November 15, 2011


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In the night of 9th November 2011, in Milano (Italy), we smashed 7 bank
We decided to attack the banks as they are the symbol institutions of
money, the pillar of today's alienated and false social relations
(work/consume) and of the power relations between the dominant élites and
the mass of the exploited.
Crisis or not crisis, it's the same existence of any economic system that
disgusts us, a system that we're not interested in saving or reforming but
only in destroying. The executives of financial institutes, closed in their
offices, move every day huge quantities of capital, in order to gain as
much profit as possible, not caring about the devastating effects that the
projects they finance (wars and weapons, highways, energy plants, high
speed trains, security and social control systems and so on) have on entire
territories and populations.
This action is dedicated to Luciano Tortuga, chilean anarchist comrade
wounded while he was attacking a bank in Santiago. Solidarity is not only
words! Complicity and solidarity to all the prisoners that resist, and to
anybody who fights here as in Chile, Greece, Russia, Belgium, Germany,
Indonesia, Spain, Sweden, Usa and anywhere else... against any form of
oppression! Riot shouldn't be just a day of extemporary joy but a permanent
life condition... to take our lives back in our hands... more attacks
against the symbols of State and Capital!

"Revolting individualists"