Italy-Squalid press releases… opportunistically orchestrated – From Bologna.

Posted on November 14, 2011


Translated from informa-azione.


Squalid press releases… opportunistically orchestrated                      


From terrorists to repugnant individuals, the words used by the press to describe anarchists may change but the substance of the police operations against them remains the same. In a time when growing social uneasiness is swinging between the possibility to stir conflicts against the responsible for total exploitation and the risk to generate a great number of little wars among the poor, it is important for politicians and bosses to spread the idea that those who oppose the misery of the present are worthless madcap people who are threatening everybody’s ‘security’.

The word ‘terrorist’ has served this purpose for a long time by distorting the meaning of the struggles. In spite of the obsessive use of this epithet it has never been difficult to sent the accusation back to its sender and expose the nature of the real producers of global terror. However, the abuse of this word has diminished its evocative power and, consequently, the ability to see the responsibilities of the powerful, thus concealing the reasons of those who attack the interests of capital.

Perhaps this is why the portrait of those who are struggling against the horrors of capitalism is taking on different shapes. After the clashes of the 15th October in Rome, it seems that the journalists of the regime are developing the idea that those who oppose the authority’s violence with violence are animated by blind and meaningless anger.

The most outstanding and shameless example of this is offered by an article recently published by the weekly ‘L’Espresso’, signed by Lirio Abbate and promptly picked by the TV show ‘I fatti vostri [Your business]’ (that’s it!) on RAI 2 channel.

In this article some anarchists of Bologna, charged with organized crime and for this reason put in jail for a few months, are described as individuals with squalid squad tendencies who would plan attacks against homosexuals or harmless Pakistanis and be ready to throw acid on the faces of Muslim women. It doesn’t matter that most of the charges against them are due to initiatives against migrants detention centres and in solidarity with the immigrants locked up in there. Rather than pointing out this contradiction, which could weaken the lies told by the servant journalists, this very contradiction is being used to strengthen the depiction of completely unreliable individuals who would carry out meaningless actions, pushed by repugnant feelings. The ‘dangerous’ links between anarchists and immigrants, established during years of struggles and initiatives, must be broken.

Moreover, in times pregnant with tensions that could blow up at any moment even in this country, anarchist ideas and practices run the risk of becoming dangerously attractive and understandable by the majority. Therefore the guardians of social order are stirring the idea that the only possible alternative to social misery is a reactionary war of everybody against everybody.

Anarchists have always been on the side of the exploited in struggle and ready for conflict throughout the years. By presenting them as individuals animated by the worst racist feelings, power is nourishing the idea of the ineluctability of this world. The authorities think they are dealing with idiotic men and women, who will believe whatever they are told.

Beyond the disgust we feel while reporting this media rubbish worth prestigious awards, we think    we should reflect on these repressive outcomes and then engage in a thorough discussion.

Now that the river is in full spate they are trying to divert the waters of a furious rivulet.


From Bologna.


Translator’s note


It comes as no surprise that journalists, the most faithful servants of power, love to produce disgusting reports, especially when they deal with rebels and anarchist comrades. The article of ‘L’Espresso’ mentioned in the leaflet is just one of countless examples of journalistic rubbish, and in this case it is so repulsive that it deserves no attention.

It can be  interesting to flip through newspapers sometimes, but what the vultures of the press, fuck them, have to say about our comrades is totally irrelevant. To hell with it. Fuoriluogo, a beautiful anarchist place in Bologna, was raided and closed down by the cops in April, and six comrades were jailed for about five months. Recently released on bail under restrictions, these comrades and a number of others will face trial soon. We must be close to them at a time when they risk heavy sentences for having always denounced power and all its servants, for having always struggled for freedom and against exploitation with generosity and tenacity. Solidarity with them should come from everywhere, with any means, because when our comrades are hit by repression, no matter where, we are all under attack.

Let’s leave the rubbish to the journalists.

 translate by B.pd/Actforfreedomnow!

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