Athens- INFO UPDATES FOR Solidarity gathering for The Revolutionary Anarchist P.Masouras

Posted on November 9, 2011


Athens-  INFO UPDATES FOR Solidarity gathering for  The Revolutionary Anarchist  P.Masouras
About 100 people gathered at Thissio station in solidarity to P.Masouras (sentenced in the C.C.F. (xalandri case) whose application for the appeal of his sentence.
The hearing is on Monday 7/11.

…The hearing of the appeal application was postponed until December 7th.
The reason? The decision of the court has not been clean written (although it should have).
As if the prisoner is to blame for this.
The fact that the decision has not been clean written is suffice to postpone the release application.
There was no such problem when they had to move the comrade to prison.

Down with the state
Solidarity to the hostages of democracy.


FREEDOM to P.Masouras


”But while the future approaches, pregnant with the events that are still to come to light, my pen whispers between the cold walls of this cold concrete tomb, built on our cold conscience. Whispers that make your hair stand on end and before which I also feel cold, a moral and human chill…

I won’t let them kill my feelings or my opinions, or quell my cries or my child-like sentiments, nor the freedom that I feel pounding inside me. I won’t permit them to imprison my values with lies: they constitute the salt of my existence, my nourishment. I am not a whimper: I am a battle cry from the interminable night of the darkness of prison.”

(words of Xosé Tarrío González, in his Epilogue to HUYE, HOMBRE, HUYE, translated by Jayne K)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        SOLIDARITY GATHERING
Sunday November 6th, Thisio station, 13.00 pm Athens

The day the application of bail for P.Masouras will be heard
Monday November 7th, Appeals court, 9.00am Athens

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