Updates Hackney Squatter’s Outing 4/11/11 Two Evictions in north london Hackney this Friday(London-uk)

Posted on November 5, 2011


Updates  Hackney Squatter’s Outing 4/11/11

Two Evictions in north london  Hackney this Friday

This morning  4 november we took to the streets to resist the evictions of two squatted homes in Hackney. Following successful resistance we took a neighbourhood stroll to Hackney Town Hall and local branches of Tesco’s, drawing attention to their role in evictions in Hackney.

Our first stop on Well Street was due to be evicted by bailiffs acting for a Church trust claiming to act in the interests of the “poor of the area”. The trustees support the poor of the area by putting their rents up by 200%, evicting shop keepers and tenants and replacing them with live in security. The sitex company was first to arrive, met by a crowd of around 50 people, two sound systems, several dogs and banners reading “Resist Evictions” and “Homes Not Jails”. The bailiffs and owners poked their heads around the corner before retreating back to their cars.

We then went to Mare Street where Tesco are planning to demolish buildings on Mare Street to pave way for their “development” of rich flats and a huge store. As should be clear, corporations and charities have a lot in common, including the same choice in bailiffs. Having been forced to change their plans once this morning, the bailiffs again trudged back to their car defeated.

Taking our banners down Mare Street to the Town Hall, the street and junction were blocked to prevent a Serco prison transport van from passing. Hackney Council’s housing office behind the town hall was briefly occupied as protest against Hackney Council’s, and their Hackney Homes front organisation, use of eviction as a weapon against the poor and disenfranchised. These issues affect tenants, licensees, those in temporary accomodation, squatters and particularly those under threat of post-riot reactionary evictions. The entrance to Tesco on Morning Lane was also taken as protest against their plans for expansion and their role in the attempted eviction this morning. The road was blocked against another Serco van (it’s true, once you start noticing them you see how many there are) with banners and messages of support held up to those inside.

Then everyone went home. It was a lovely morning and it was great to see squatters acting together in solidarity and we should do it again. Soon.

Two Evictions in north london  Hackney this Friday (uk)

 Call out for action:

Bailliffs have served eviction notices to two squats in central Hackney for this Friday.

2 EVICTIONS-1 RESISTANCE!!friday,4th novembr,hackney,start at 184 well 8.30am&move to 320 mare st 9.45am! spread the word!

While parliament is discussing the criminilisation of squatting, more evictions are coming up in Hackney. Bailliffs have served notices to two squats in Hackney for this Friday ( 4th November ) morning:

184 Well Street at 8.30 am  and 320 Mare Street at 9.45am. Come down to give the Baillifs a 4th of November they that they won’t forget and spread the word!

related Video: Orange Fence squat in Hackney

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Solidarity from Prague

  November 2, 2011


We received the following message from comrades in Prague, Czech Republic:


yesterday we made a little action in prague to support the struggleagainst the criminalisation of squatting in UK and to send our love and solidarity to our friends and comrades from Orange Fence and The Factory. Our attempt to occupy the british embassy failed but we at least managed to block the front door with our banner and spread some english/czech flyers:

We are here today to show our solidarity with the English squatter’s movement which is now facing a wave of repression and as well the government efforts to criminalise it.

The UK parliament is planning on Tuesday 1st of November to take the first step towards the criminalization of squatting, voting a clause that makes squatting in residential building a criminal offence, with up to 51 weeks of imprisonment. In the mean time anarchist squats like The Factory in Bristol and The Orange Fence in London are already under treatment of eviction and they are currently fighting to resist that abuse:

“We will always lose in their courts. We will always lose in their
elections, their wars, their boardrooms and all their other games.

The only people who win in these settings are the people who already have money and power.

We’re not going to win our freedom fighting rigged battles within their system.

We will win together, outside of and against that system: in the streets; in the squares; in the occupied spaces.”

Criminalization of squatting doesn’t mean end of autonomous spaces. It will not suffocate our desire of self-organization and it will not even stop us from liberating houses from the capitalist machine.

We want and we need homes not shopping malls, banks and posh hotels. Here in Czech Republic, in UK and everywhere else.



                 Poster Solidarity -from london random anarchists


  October 26, 2011

The owners were granted possession forthwith in court this afternoon.

Their lawyers told a representative form the Factory that the earliest bailiffs would come is Friday am.

We’re keeping alert

and ask people to stay ready.

Thanks and love to everyone who was on the demo and waiting on Cave St today.

To the streets!

  October 26, 2011

We’re not attending court for the possession hearing Wednesday morning. We’ll see you on the streets.

We will always lose in                                                                                              (FOTO FROM THE FACTORY SQUAT BRISTOL)

their courts. We will always lose in their elections, their wars, their boardrooms and all their other games.

The only people who win in these settings are the people who already have money and power.

We’re not going to win our freedom fighting rigged battles within their system.

We will win together, outside of and against that system: in the streets; in the squares; in the occupied spaces.




The Factory



Liberated spaces and squats are the solution.
The problem is capitalism.

When the squats,
the subversive parts of society
and fighters are attacked,
it’s like they attack us all.

Beyond its immediate effect, repression has an ‘exemplary’ character. Its purpose is to discourage anyone who attempts to resist and to seek radical–realistic solutions for his/her life. For these reasons, class and social solidarity among the oppressed is necessary. There are no individual solutions to collective problems; collective action is the answer.

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