Athens First Cemetery: Metaxas’ tomb desecrated

Posted on November 5, 2011



‘They came back to light the vigil lamp on the grave of Metaxas [1871–1941, military dictator of the 4th of August Regime], his old apologists but also new nostalgic thugs, from ordinary members of the patriotic milieu to salaried parastatals extreme rightists; what all of them saw was a black-red background…

The antifascist intervention that we made on October 28th, 2011 at dawn on Ioannis Metaxas’ tomb is one of the few, the small things.

Always towards the sharpening of class war; we make sure that our cans don’t get rusty yet.*

Everywhere where there are groups who don’t let their words only put on paper…’

They refer to the Meligalas massacre where Nazi collaborationists were attacked even with cans.

The graffiti on the cemetery’s path reads:
‘Chites [a term deriving from Grivas’ Organization X], ruffians [snitches],
German-Tsoliades [a term deriving from the Security Battalions]’

The antifascists also signed as ‘Young bandits’

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