Arson attacks on the railway-and telecommunication system Berlin the 10th of october 2011

Posted on November 5, 2011


Arson attacks on the railway-and telecommunication system

Berlin the 10th of october 2011

On the morning of the 10th of october an arson attack was committed on a cablebox of the Deutsche Bahn (main german railway company), so that the railways between Berlin and Hamburg had to be closed done for several hours. A communique appeared, where a group takes responsibility for the attack. The following days dozens of (at least 16) petrol bombs were found beside the tracks on different spots of Berlin, that apparently didnt ignited, but still brought a lot of trains out of their normal order, like at the main station. If the petrol bombs, that were found, are all related to the communique is still unknown.

We received following communique:

Pressrelease about the arson attacks on the railway-and telecommunication system, because of 10 years Afghanistan.

Rien ne va plus ! Today not much will work out!

This morning we slowed down the German capital and its function as a global player in the export of armaments!

Acts of sabotage at several important cables of the “Deutsche Bahn AG” force Berlin into a break mode. Communication systems are disturbed. Many regional and long-distance trains are late or not running at all.

German soldiers kill in different parts of the world. For 10 years the German Armed Forces are at war in Afghanistan – without the agreement of the German inhabitants.

A legitimate reason for the fact, that in Berlin today things are out of order. We have to change the conditions fundamentally to prevent wars.

Free Bradley Manning! The US soldier who sabotaged war in Iraq. “I want people to know the truth, no matter who they are. Because without information you cannot make informed decisions as a public.” (Bradley Manning)

P.S. We do not act with the intention to endanger somebody’s life. We excluded that as far as possible. Politicians, police an the media should keep out any reproach of terrorism. Terrorist is, who builds arms, earns money with it and kills people or has them killed.

The Hekla reception committee – for more social eruptions

(Following the Icelandic volcanoes, that hopefully will make us very happy more often, slowing down the routine of economy from time to time. “Hekla” is such a volcano – its eruption is long overdue.)

Thats just the short version of the claim. The long claim is several pages long. If we find the time, we will translate it.