Supermarket expropriated in Patras, Greece

Posted on October 27, 2011


From Contra Info via Indymedia Athens:

During the morning of Thursday, October 20, a group of about 50 anarchists carried out a supermarket expropriation in the city of Patras. The group expropriated a large quantity of food and immediately distributed it among people in an open-air market located near the supermarket. As the group explain in a communiqué given out during the action:

We aren’t Robin Hoods or people who have already solved their problems and are thus making the revolution, like the mass media blowhards are going to portray us. We didn’t carry out this action because we are saviors. We don’t want to be anyone’s savior. We are simply people who understand that one gains perspective on life only through struggle. We are people who live right near you, and today we have chosen to demonstrate one way to break away from misery and recover our time and our lives. We consider such gestures as actions that take place in the here and now, with hearts and minds oriented toward a world of equality, solidarity, and mutual aid—a world of individual and collective freedom.

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