String of arsons following police repression against anarchists in Moscow (Russia)

Posted on October 23, 2011


Thursday 21 October 2010

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Capital of Russia experienced 11 luxury car arsons as well as attack on police department parking lot that saw 2 police cruisers torched.

While no concrete anarchist group took responsibility for recent string of arsons, police and media have already blamed them on anarchists, as has frequently (and sometimes unjustly) been the case in Russia.

Wide acceptance and mimicry of anarchist direct action tactics among the populace has pushed government towards repressions against the movement and even some “exemplary arrests”.

Aside from recent arrests of 4 suspected anarchists and an ABC activist, corporate media report two men (who have both served sentences in Russian prisons) captured during one of the arson attempts, although their part is dubious at best: Russian police have a long record of forcing former criminal prisoners to cooperate in covering-up of unsolved crimes, when people already convicted of a crime are “persuaded” to plead guilty in even more crimes.


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