Indonesia: Freedom to the farmer Tukijo and the Yogyakarta three rebels

Posted on October 18, 2011


from: VIA

Tukijo, one of the peasant resistance fighters against iron sand mining in coastal Kulon Progo, Indonesia


On October 7th, 2011, at 2 am Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) ATM in Sleman, Yogyakarta, was set on fire. The fire caused an explosion in the unit which destroyed the premises. The sabotage was just one more instance of resistance in a country that is destroying trees, mountains and coastlines for profit whilst oppressing its people.

Now three people are arrested. They are all accused of being involved in damaging the bank. We are not interested in finding out if the prisoners are ‘guilty’ or not, nor of the extent of their ‘crime’. We will leave such speculation to the inquisitors and their servants in the Press. We don’t need to know the details of the entire situation to know that as long as the State and the banks get rich from exploitation, there will always be those who will go against their power and refuse to collaborate. It is enough that these people are imprisoned, to wish that not just their prison, but every prison ceases to exist. ‘Crime’ is no food on the table and the bosses taking the lion’s share. ‘Crime’ is clear-cut forests and mining companies that beat and kill who they like with the help of the police. Freedom is fighting back and reclaiming your life from oppression.

What we know is that Indonesia is a regime which is propped up by Western capitalists and militarists. It is a nation which tortures and massacres its opposition, like every State that can get away with it where it can.

Kulon Progo is a farming area near Yogyakarta, and in 2005 PT Jogja Magasa Mining and IndoMines metal industries wanted to take the land for their industry. The farmers there didn’t give their land to the industrial company because they didn’t want nature to be destroyed. Many times the farmers tried to solve this without any riots, but it’s not working. Now they are ready to defend their lives.

It started when the company paid 300 people to destroy the houses of farmers and all the plants there. It made all the farmers get angry and also lots of other people besides them. Human dignity and nature are just colonized by money, and there will never be any help to let the farmers survive. The police just covered up the people who were attacking the farmers because the company paid off the police; a typical story.

Tukijo was a farmer who was arrested (by Kulon Progo police) and imprisoned just because he was vocal in the demonstrations against this situation. The people in Indonesia have made many activities around this matter: demonstrations, articles, movies, graffiti and property damage against the profiteering companies.

The farmers and the people of Kulon Progo, Pandang Raya, West Papua, Bima and elsewhere are appealing for international solidarity and complicity in their struggle, alongside the anarchists and anti-capitalists who are all against the violent terror of the Indonesian bosses, their paid murderers and corporate backers. Don’t let them fight alone!

In accordance with the wishes of the farmers, we demand the land is given back to the farmers and freedom for our friends who are in prison because of this.

The State-corporations-military-police are the terrorists!
Freedom for Tukijo and those accused of attacking the BRI ATM!

A few anarchists in solidarity


Bank Rakyat Indonesia in Sleman, Yogyakarta