Mexico: CARI-PGG claim two actions with explosive atta

Posted on October 15, 2011


from vivalaanarquia, translated by war on society:


Two cells of CARI-PGG, in coordinated actions made the early hours of October 3rd, reported the following attacks with explosives:

1. The Fanya Kaplan command placed and detonated an explosive device in the Santander bank located on avenida Tlalpan, in the Toriello Guerra colonia, in the Tlalpan sector, Mexico City.

2. The Sole-Baleno insurgent cell attacked with an explosive device the residence of Manuel Cañedo, a member of the “PRI” political party, member of the OFIC of CRAP, the device was placed in his home on calle Madrugada in the Benito Juárez colonia in Ciudada Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico State.

Both actions are to mark the combative memory of the subversives fallen in the October 2, 1968 massacre in which hundreds of individuals died at the hands of the Mexican army, simply to safeguard order and the climate of optimism for the Olympic Games that were celebrated in Mexico that year. This deed gave birth to many armed groups and urban guerrillas that were fought with brutality during the 70′s and 80′s, which, although we are not in affinity with the politics or proposals of the majority of these groups, we cannot discount their effective action, their forceful actions and the daily war that some groups and individuals maintained against the Mexican State: expropriations, bombings, assassinations, many armed attacks that day by day they directed against the forces of order, some of these attacks did not need specific justification, the simple fact of seeing a policeman in one’s face was already a justification… these are the antecedents of a war that in the present is continued, a war that the government simply denies, confuses or suppresses through the media, a war which in the present is continued under other perspectives, positions, ideas and convictions in some cases different, or perhaps it is better to say, radically different.

With these actions we solidarize ourselves with the comrades who caused the disturbances during the October 2nd commemoration in Chilpancingo Guerrero, Chiapas and Oaxaca, we solidarize ourselves with those who have been arrested for breaking the order established by the system in the “pacifist” manifestations, established so that by consequence this type of “pacifist” protest is recuperated by the State… The Leftists of today is obsessed with everyone utilizing non-violent methods against an extremely violent and well-armed system, which amounts to suicide… What’s more, the leftists has created pacifist myths, such as that the Vietnam War was stopped due to the hippies signing songs outside the White House, when in reality it was stopped by the armed and violent actions of the VietCong.

More violence against the State/Capital/Church!!!
More Attacks Against the Technosystem!!!
More Arsons against the centers of consumerism and commercialism!!!

In war against the state,
Autonomous Cells for Immediate Revolution – Praxedis G. Guerrero.