False news about arrest of Moscow anarcho-guerrilas – All imprisoned people are released

Posted on October 15, 2011



All imprisoned people are released

Few days ago, all people arrested under suspect of participating in road police blast were released from detention without any charges. Now it is clear that police has shown it’s incompetence once again.




Since yesterday evening there are spreading news about so-called capture of people suspected in maintainig blast of road police station on 7th June 2011: http://blackblocg.info/direct-actions/123-podryv-anarkhistami-posta-dps-na-22-km-mkad-070611

This news come from the anti-extremist police department and media… They say that 4 people are arrested, and one young girl had resisted during her arrest and injured cop with her knife. Firstly we are proud to declare strictly that blast of road police was taken by our insurgent group — BlackBlocg.Info collective. As a evidence of this fact we was first who had spread a communique and video from the action. Everyone of us is out of prison now, we are all free and cheerful to continue revolutionary struggle. Police lies as usual — they have arrested people who had no relations with our group. Still nobody in Anarchist movement knows names of arrested, but we hope to learn it soon, and then International solidarity and help will be needed strongly… Let honour and bravehood be with our imprisoned comrades.

Together we will win! Freedom, Equality, Solidarity!


End of September: police station and capitalist car set on fire


21.09 — anarchist group «8th of May Movement» attacked a local police station in Kharkiv (Ukraine) with Molotov. This act was done in solidarity with activist Igor Gannenko, who was tortured by Ukrainian police. «If you disagree — you should take action or you became just another subdued, who bows his head under state-machine brutality. Freedom or death!» – tell this people in their communique. Video of the attack (with Ukrainian language commentaries): http://vimeo.com/29358954

28.09 — capitalist car Cadillac was burnt by anarchist in center of Moscow. This object of luxury is demonstration of domination and privilege. Its destruction — symbolic act with a contrary meaning.