Claim of responsibility for the vandalism of a school in Zografou area. 13.9.11 -athens-greece

Posted on October 15, 2011


Claim of responsibility for the vandalism of a school in Zografou area. 13.9.11
A few words about the vandalism of our school.
We are not waiting for society to revolt. We are not waiting for the subjugated middle class to “up rise” because they cut their wages and benefits. We decide to act here and now with any means against modern barbarity. We have as a target the destruction of this rotten world. 
That is why we decided to attack with rage the space that imprisons us daily and has the role of manufacturing citizens for the regime: our school. 
In this space we come daily in confrontation with teachers-snitches of the power and our subjugated schoolmates and we consider that we are at a constant war. A few days ago we decided to accentuate this war and ferociously attacked the school and attempted to demolish it judging this action liberating and revolutionary. We caused a lot of damage in the whole of the school trying to shatter the foundations of this dominating institution. 
This action took place in the frames of the revolutionary guerrilla war that rages continuously. 
We wink the eye to the call of the R.O. Conspiracy Cells of Fire and we place ourselves as a piece of the INFORMAL ANARCHIST FEDERATION /FAI – FRACTION of DESTROYER STUDENTS 
We greet all armed guerrillas