Athens: Inmates of Koridallos women’s prisons abstain from prison food

Posted on October 5, 2011


Today, October 2nd, in Koridallos women’s prison we take protest stance refusing to enter the cells and wards. We are protesting for the cuts in food, including fruits and milk, which are not supplied to us for a long time now.

In particular, today the breakfast was not enough for all inmates, as well as the launch, while those who were in time to take food were given a very small amount. We decided to remain outside the prison cells also during the night closing in a continuing effort of protest for the general situation. We have complained numerous times regarding the quality and the quantity of prison meals, but the situation is getting worse day by day. The prison service officially declared to us that the ministry of Justice is making budget cuts that result to a substantial reduction in the amount of food, medication, warm water and surely also heating.

Prison can no longer sustain the inmates, and since it cannot do so, it should open the gates and let us walk out.’

On the same evening, at 20.00, relatives and friends of political prisoners called for a gathering outside Koridallos prison in solidarity with the inmates who have declared abstention of prison food.

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