Washington, US: Anarchist Call to Support The Longview Port Workers

Posted on September 24, 2011


Anarchist Call to Support The Longview Port Workers

After attempting to block a train heading into the EGT grain terminal a small army of police, military and the BNSF brutally arrested 13 port workers and their families (mostly women and one grandmother) and carted them off to jail. EGT did end up bringing their train in, but let’s not let it leave! This is a clear and open call for anarchists to descend into Longview, mass down at the port with the strikers and give an open and clear show of solidarity.

Anarchists are here at the port with the support of the port workers, so come to Longview and take a stand! Bring your banners, signs, flags, sound systems, instruments, paint, and use your brain, voice, feet, hands and “concrete” plans to stop EGT’s train and show your courage and solidarity against this gnarly-hostile police repression. There are lots of watching surveillance cameras and special police agents so be safe out there: scarfs, hats and sunglasses will help you to remain anonymous.

The picket is at a gate near 150 East Mill Rd. off of Fibre Way (you’ll go over a bridge). It might be loaded with cops so be smart about what you’ll do if that’s the case. See you there! A list of companies on the shit list: http://www.specialresponse.com/ in Maryland: Special Response is a fucking creepy anti-proletarian good ol’ boys club (no pun intended) whose objective is to quell striking workers around the country. Actions against them would resonate with hecka workers around the continent that had to deal with these Dudley Do Gooderists. http://www.bungenorthamerica.com/in St. Louis: Bunge is a large multinational grain company that engages in rampant deforestation, plants giant monocropped GMO poison laced grains.

They are the fucking people to get at. They own the most in EGT. http://www.itochu.com/ in Japan: Itochu has a headquarters in New York, they’re really into machinery, aerospace and electronics, poison food, forest death, chemicals (fucking chemicals), energy, etc. http://www.panocean.com/ in South Korea: STX Pan Ocean is very happy about Development of the Continental Shelf cause they’re going to make lots of money making workers do dangerous shit for a wage packet and fucking murder the oceans doing it.

http://www.bnsf.com/ in Fort Worth, TX: The “police” from this company have been put into Longview to investigate the actions taken by the port workers so that they can break the strike and lock them up in cages.

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