Bank and Tesco’s Smashed, Bristol (uk)

Posted on September 21, 2011


Bank and Tesco’s Smashed, Bristol

On Monday 19th September we smashed the windows and cashpoint of Tesco’s and Lloyds TSB in St. George, Bristol. We did this in solidarity with all those oppressed by the system of domination we live under. From those oppressed by the financial violence and debt culture of the banks, to communities wrecked by Tesco’s, to those arrested and imprisoned for fighting back.
We resist the monoculture that Tesco’s and the banks represent, a life without life, with no freedom but to do the same things every day, to participate only in collective boredom.
These acts are a way of saying no to a limited life, and breaking free from the constant fear that is hammered into us by this society. In stepping out to do these acts we reject this passive society. Only in breaking past the fear of being caught, by fighting society’s walls within ourselves, can we release ourselves to the joy of action and realisation of freedom.
We refuse to wait for the next big event to act. We believe in acting without hesitation, in seizing the initiative and striking where and when we want. The state cannot be everywhere, and with preparation and precautions these actions are simple and relatively safe, though of course not without risks we willingly take.
We accept that these actions alone are not enough. But they are starting points. We believe that the threat of these actions is not in a few broken windows but the threat of many, of many people realising that we can reject this society, that what they declare impossible is not at all.
To all those who fight back, stay strong.