Two youths smash over 250 school windows out of “boredom” — North Devon, England

Posted on September 17, 2011


Two youths smash over 250 school windows out of “boredom” — North Devon, England

TWO 15-year-old boys have admitted smashing more than 250 windows at their former school in a premeditated revenge attack.

North Devon Youth Court heard the two boys, who cannot be named for legal reasons, caused nearly £18,000 worth of damage at the Park Community School using golf clubs they found in a recycling bin.

The attack happened at around 11pm on August 22.

The court also heard the school was uninsured for the damage, meaning the repair costs will come directly from the school’s budget.

The two boys, both aged 15, pleaded guilty to joint charges of burglary and criminal damage at North Devon Youth Court last week.

Both boys appeared in court with their mothers.

The pair had been drinking at Rock Park with friends earlier in the evening, when they found two golf clubs in a recycling bin and hatched a plan to smash the deputy headmaster’s window.

Ann Hampshire, for the prosecution, said: “Police officers were called to the school around 11.45pm when the alarm sounded.

“On arrival officers heard breaking glass and quickly located the boys who ran away in opposite directions.

“One of the boys had to be tackled to the ground and detained while the other gave himself up after hiding in a nearby field.”

When interviewed by police, one of the boys said he caused the damage because he was “bored” while both admitted to hating the school.

One of the boys added: “We only planned to smash one window, I didn’t think it would go this far.”

Mrs Hampshire said: “Headteacher David Atton described the attack as ‘wanton, systematic vandalism on a huge scale’ and could not understand why the school had been targeted.

“There was glass everywhere, both inside and outside the building, including the food preparation area. Two internal doors had also been battered.”

The total cost of repairs came to £17,918.93 which will come directly from the school’s budget.

Speaking for the defence for one of the boys, solicitor David Rowe said: “My client is deeply ashamed.

“He says the attack was not his idea but that he went along with it anyway.

“He admits leaning through an exterior window to break an internal window. It is this partial entry that is the basis of the burglary charge.

“He is sincerely sorry.”

Defending the other boy, solicitor Tony Dart said: “His parents admit he is no angel but even they were shocked to hear what he had done.

“His family say they are astonished and that his behaviour was out of character.

“My client can’t believe the scale of destruction, he had not planned to cause that much damage.”

The case was adjourned for pre-sentence reports until September 27.

The pair were released on conditional bail.

They were instructed not to associate with each other, not to enter Park Community School and to abide by an electronically enforced curfew.

Presiding Magistrate Rose Day said: “When you come back to this court room in four weeks’ time we will want to know everything about why you did this and the effect it has caused.

“I suggest you think very carefully about your answers.”

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