In solidarity with two members of the R.O. CCF-“And remember we are not separated by anything more than a wall”- greece

Posted on September 17, 2011


“And remember we are not separated by anything more than a wall”

On 12/9/2011 prisoners Gerasimos Tsakalos and Panagiotis Argurou, members of the Revolutionary Anarchist Organization CCF, were transferred from Korydallos to Domokos prison. Once they arrived there they were asked to undergo a body search, which they refused; they were then led to the cells as new arrivals. At that point, Sergeant Christos Kliaris invaded the cell, considering it necessary to make it clear that “this is my prison and I do what I like”; he was followed by another three guards that tried to separate them in order to move them one by one into the investigation room. There, one after the other the prisoners underwent an intense body search, now more violent since they had already refused to do it; with their clothes ripped off, so completely naked, they were passed through the metal detection machine together with the cops. It was therefore natural for the detection machine to be activated; thus the same process was repeated over and over again. During the whole humiliation the comrades managed to maintain a combative and negative attitude, responding to threats on their own bellicose way.

The attitude held by the comrades of the Revolutionary Organization in this case is a continuation of an ongoing struggle against sovereignty, society, prison, the prison society; both through their actions outside the walls and within them, in their continuing refusal to undergo a body search.

The struggle of the comrades all this time has had an impact on a large proportion of prisoners in various parts of the country. More specifically, in response to the events on 12/09/2011, 275 prisoners clustered in ‘Wing A’ of Korydallos prison, as well as 90 prisoners in ‘wing B’ of the female section, actively declaring their solidarity by signing texts, refusing to enter their cells for three hours, along with three comrades detained in Avlona prison who signed a text and refused to take prison food as act of solidarity.

A glance to Domokos prison:

We can say that Domokos prison has the distinguishing characteristics of being a protection wing. This means that genuine cooperative relations are developed between prisoners and guards, as the majority of detainees consist of vigilantes and people who would not be acceptable in any other prison micro-society. Asking around about Domokos prison you will easily learn that a license costs about 25.000 euros, 2.000 euros for a mobile phone, while the cost of drugs and the prostitutes who come and go to the prison is variable and depends on the current connections of the warden.

“… The key issue, or more correctly the wager that must be made is whether within the walls of these infernal institutions we’ll be able to organize and trigger our struggles; lasting, strong, powerful struggles. Struggles that can sometimes require or negotiate demands, but which have one and only one final goal; a non-negotiable and uncompromising purpose: THE DESTRUCTION OF EVERY PRISON. Because as long as prisons exist, no one is free” Michalis Nikolopoulos.

On the occasion of the events in Domokos prison regarding the two members of the Revolutionary Anarchist Organization CCF we are calling an assembly on Thursday 15 September at 19.00 at the Polytechnic School in Thessaloniki to discuss actions.



IN SOLIDARITY Allileguoi/Allilegues

N.B. After that day solidarity actions took place in many other Greek prisons

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