Occupied police van attacked with Molotovs — Edmonton, England

Posted on September 16, 2011


Occupied police van attacked with Molotovs — Edmonton, England

POLICE are looking for an Asian man who witnessed a suspected firebomb being thrown at officers in Edmonton.

Officers in a police van in Fore Street appear to have come under attack last night, at first spotting flames in the road, and then being alerted to another fire in bushes nearby.

An Asian man pointed out the second fire to police, but had left the scene before he could be properly interviewed about the incident.

Initial reports suggest a “firebomb” was thrown towards the police van but missed its intended target.

Police have this afternoon said the fires were “started with an accelerant”, but that they quickly burnt out, and are describing the incident as suspected arson.

The incident happened at around 11.30pm, and no one was injured.

It comes less than three weeks after rioting broke out on the streets of London, including in Enfield Town and pockets of Edmonton.

During the disorder, the Sony distribution centre in Solar Way was set alight and destroyed.

No damage caused to the police vehicle or the surrounding area.