Solidarity to political prisoner Gulaferit Unsal (greece)

Posted on September 15, 2011


Solidarity to political prisoner Gulaferit Unsal

Since August 26 the Turkish combatant Gulaferit Unsal began a hunger strike claiming not to be extradited from the German authorities, as it was decided by the Board of Appeals of Thessaloniki.
Gulaferit is accused by the Germans to be a member of Communist organization DHKP / C and it is certain that she will be handed to the Turkish state.
Gulaferit had showed a rich activity within the Turkish labour movement, she was a charter member of the civil-union BEMSEM and in 1995 she was jailed along with her husband.
She participated in the great prisoners’ hunger strike in 1996 and she was released in 1997, continuing her action within the labour movement. In 1999 fled to Germany seeking political asylum, but she returned 2 years later in Turkey, where her husband was jailed again (2000-2008). When last year her husband was imprisoned again, Gulaferit fled to Thessaloniki, where she was arrested by the counterterrorism authorities on July 7, 2011.
The case will be heard in the Supreme Court of Arios Pagos on September 16

Solidarity to the comrade Gulaferit Unsal
No prosecution of combatant Gulaferit Unsal from the German authorities

The political prisoners: Antoniou Stella, Georgiadis Polukarpos, Gournas Kostas, Karagiannidis Giorgos, Karakatsani Nina, Kossibas Alekos, Maziotis Nikos, Roupa Pola, Sakkas Kostas, Traikapis Michalis, Fessas Dimitris.