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On the evening of 3/5/2010, forces of police hurry to the areas of Petralona, Keramikos and Tavros, after a robbery in a Praktiker department store, in search of the perpetrators.

Completely accidentally they crossed the wanted and with a bounty anarchist Simos Seisidis, and they tried to stop him for a check. Simos Seisidis, targetized from the authorities for many years, lived in illegality for four years, after the entanglement of his name in the robbery for which arrested his friend and comrade Giannis Dimitrakis, and the publication of arrest warrant for him, his brother Marios Seisidis and comrade Grigoris Tsironis. A case, for which he was eventually acquitted, in the trial that followed.

He also has a bounty on him, along with his brother and Tsironis, from the then minister of public order Mihalis Hrisohoidis, of the astronomical sum of 600.000 Euros, as a suspect for participation in armed organizations.

The suspicions of the shaken brain of this particular “gentleman” were never verified.

They were however of decisive importance for the development of the specific night, since precisely for these reasons, Simos did not stop for the check and began to run. Police officer Panagiotis Bokos who gave chase, did what cops know who to do well: He aimed at him and shot him from behind.

Together with his colleagues, they beat him, while he bled fallen on the pavement. In the hospitalization that followed in three different hospitals, Ippocratio, KAT, and Evaggelismos, the antiterrorist force strolled around in the intensive care and gave orders to the doctors and the nursing personnel, that, with a few brilliant exceptions, delivered the patient to its appetites. Result of all this was that Simos lost his right leg, which had been shot…

Guilty for ethical perpetration in attempted homicide and severe bodily harm: Mihalis Hrisohoidis. (former minister of public order)

Guilty for physical perpetration in attempted homicide and severe bodily harm: Panagiotis Bokos. (cop that shot simos from behind)

Guilty for complicity in severe bodily harm, infringement of duty and medical negligence: The majority of the medical and nursing staff of the hospitals Ippocratic, KAT and Evaggelismos.

And however… The one that is referred to trial is Simos Seisidis!

In an unprecedented reverse of reality, an undescribable juridical council consisting of Ekaterini Drilia, Vassilios Portokalis and Evaggelia Barbaresou, decided that Simos, with a jugglers move Matrix style, would shoot Bokos if he did not shoot first.

Thought police is here. It knows what you will do, before you do. And obviously it watches a lot of television…

The cherry on the cake came with the arrest of anarchist Aris Sirinidis on the same day in the wider area. The massive attendance of police forces in a busy area such as Gazzi, can with a bit of luck can bring results. And after, but by no means accidentally, the authorities exploited the fact in order to connect the two with eachother, but also with the robbery, a scenario that collapsed in less than 24 hours. This is why they mobilized the scientific staff of GADA (central police headquarters of athens), in order to detaine Aris for more than a year, as a suspect of an attack on a riot cop van, with sole evidence a DNA sample. A case for which Aris was also recently acquitted.

On 16/9/2011 Simos Seisidis is reffered to court charged with attempted homicide, and Aris Sirinidis accused of misdeamenors.

The whole story would be funny, if it didnt stink of death and brutality so much.

Because beyond the, at an anihilating degree, targetization of certain fighters that fight against the state, condenses all the blood that has been poured by the uniformed pigs of urban democracy.

Because in the face of Simos, we see Alexandros Grigoropoulos.

In his face we see Mihalis Kaltezas.

We see Koumis and Kanellopoulou.

Christoforos Marino.

Yannis Kafkas.

Avgoustinos Dimitriou.

Marco Vladovic.

Nikolla Todi.

Manolis Kipreos.

Iraklis Maragaki.

The hundreds of demonstrators that on the 28th and 29th of June who recieved innumerable blows by police battons and “tasted” 3.000 teargas cannisters.

We are all in Simos position.

Everyone that has to pay is Bokos position.



Solidarity assembly.



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